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Nation stuck in trivialities – ‘Development scarce’

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

Some time ago, the Court of Appeals in Mauritania sentenced to death writer Mohammad Ould Omekhetir, on charges of apostasy, after he was arrested for publishing an article in which he talked about the facts back to the era of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but the Supreme Court overturned the death sentence.

The verdict angered the Mauritanians and the capital Nouakchott witnessed mass protests which later spread to many other cities.

As usual the protesters marched in large demonstrations and carried banners calling to confirm the death sentence and speedy implementation of the verdict. The demonstrators went on a rampage and damaged the public and private properties, disrupted life, refused to forgive the atheist and also refused to accept his repentance.

What happened in Nouakchott and other cities in Mauritania took place in dozens of towns and cities in other Muslim and Arab countries, perhaps hundreds of times.

Here, we must make it clear that all peoples have the right to protest peacefully when religion or symbols are involved. This is normal, but the demonstrations should be peaceful, organized and without causing damage to the private and public property. The protestors should make known their grievances through proper channels and within the law.

Over the past three years, DAESH has committed brutal crimes, vicious and bloody acts that shrug the body. Such acts are described as the most heinous crimes of the modern era, which have tarnished the image and the reputation of all Muslims, individuals and nations, especially those who over the decades have lived in peace in the West. Having said all this, we have not seen two Muslims demonstrating against the criminal acts of DAESH.

In addition to the above, all Muslim countries, without exception, are at the bottom of the list when we speak of development.

However, we have not seen a single demonstrator protesting the miserable conditions. Most of these countries lack democracy and fundamental freedoms, fair governments, prestigious universities, good drinking water, medicines, hospitals, and paved roads, but no one protests the absence of these vital and significant things.

Most Arab and Islamic countries also complain about the clear aspects of poverty, crime, drugs, political and administrative corruption, but, did not protest even once.

But when we see two students — a male and a female – sharing a bench on the university campus or in a café, we become furious, issue statements and call them infidel.

We also describe those who participate in the national holidays as unbelievers under the pretext true Islam does not know such festivals. I do not know if Islam knew vehicles, aircraft and publications and brochures printed by those ‘dumb’ people?

Yes, these people feel saddened by a lot of behaviors which they believe are abnormal, but these same people turn a blind eye when they see a female or a male beggar, even if they are together, or when they see an army of poor Muslim children working on a mountain of garbage in many of our cities to fend off hunger, but they are interested in defending morals and segregation of the sexes.

A nation with such turmoil in its character and contradiction in priorities is incapable of defending effectively and positively, the religious and secular symbols.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



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