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Thursday , January 27 2022

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Lebanon ties ‘subject-matter as required thereby’

PERHAPS the Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Bouhabib have forgotten that flatteries no longer have a place in …

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How far off are we from Abdullah Al-Salem’s State? History is made by those with free will

CORRUPTION has become our daily norm to such an extent that we believe there is no cure for it, and that it is the inevitable …

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Al-Ali’s grilling … exposed

IT is all clear now … Opportunism has been exposed upon the grilling of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Hamad Jaber …

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Dr Ahmed Al-Khatib … where are we going, where are the good old days?

IT has become necessary to end this unfortunate farce that demeans the minds of the people of Kuwait who chose 60 years ago to have …

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What benefits have Arabs and Arabism gained in staying away from Damascus?

HOW long will the Arab world continue to deceive itself, as some of its countries desire to reinstate Syria in the Arab League but they …

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Is Rasheed up to the challenge or will he remain as silent as his boss?

IT is good of the Minister of Finance Abdul Wahab Al-Rasheed to declare that he will not bow to terror, and that he will stand …

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No one above the law … leadership promised and Al-Mansour delivered

THE decision of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Mansour to reconsider the practices of the State Security Department has calmed …

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Oh, Your Highness, the Crown Prince … Khaled’s governments addicted to a void

GIVEN that we are accustomed to government confusion, absence of vision, and in fact the absence of the entire Cabinet from its top minister to …

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Open Kuwait and get it out of the black hole

CONSIDERING that the financial and economic philosophy has remained the same since the early 1960s, it is not surprising that the state budget deficit is …

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Qarmatians distorted faith and committed major sins

AFTER the “First Fitna” (Great Sedition), the history of the Muslim world witnessed many political and military movements, each of which sought to seize power, …

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