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Saturday , February 27 2021

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Recklessness without a cure … Oh Amir, Kuwait in crisis … rescue it

KUWAIT is in a predicament due to a floundering government that does not know how to treat the wounds that it has caused to the …

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Emirates of future, leaders plan and execute

 “THE future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it …” With this phrase, the Vice President and Prime Minister of …

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‘Cap’ rescued China, headband choked Kuwait’s economy

FOR how long will chaos prevail if no serious moves are taken to resolve matters which keep on becoming grim every day? The Kuwaiti advisors …

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Need men with muscles in their arms, not their bellies

THE downgrade of Kuwait’s credit rating, disruption of the state’s ability to manage cash flows, rising forward contracts for the Kuwaiti dinar against the dollar …

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Are Gog, Magog back to wreck our Earth?

HAS Kuwaiti democracy exhausted itself and reached a stage where it suffers from illnesses related to early aging? Or is there still any room to …

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A lame duck government and ‘general pardon parliament’

WE are not against destiny, but we ask the Almighty to be gentle on us. This is the prayer that every Kuwaiti should be praying …

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Dhi Qar’s grandsons will never be slaves of neo-Khosrows

THOSE who contemplate on the statements made by the Iranian leaders would get confused by the already-lost game that the internationally-abhorred regime of Iran is …

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When will we wake from the sleep of people of the cave?

IT seems Kuwait is slumbering like the people of the cave mentioned in the Holy Quran. We may wake up after 309 years to find …

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Read Ibn Khaldoun before hope dies and nations fall

LOOKING at the state of the Arab world today, you would see a nation that does not learn from its experiences, and does not read …

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Salman, the King Lukman of his era

A man came to the wise Lukman with a sheep, asked him to slaughter it, and give him the most delicious part of the sheep. …

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