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Ahmed Al Jarallah

Field day for the corrupt … blowing into a torn bagpipe

The measures taken by the government to combat the COVID-19 pandemic have exceeded the scope of confusion and have landed on the circle of disaster. …

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Is HH the Prime Minister aware of what is being published … said?

THE extent that the governmental confusion has reached in terms of combating the COVID-19 pandemic is shameful, in addition to the scandals, if they are …

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So you don’t weep like women for the kingdom you have lost

THE situation in several Arab countries was unexpected … and what was expected of these countries has become a dream. This is due to the …

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‘Spit’ in the face of Qasim & the rulers of oblivion

IT is reported that the late Iraqi President Abdul Kareem Qasim was visiting Adamiya in Baghdad when a boy stepped out from the crowd that …

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What peace has Zarif in mind … ‘zero’ diplomacy or the hegemony of the Revolutionary Guards?

THE admission of the Vice-President of Iran Eshaq Jahangiri — which comes five years late — that the storming of the Saudi embassy in Tehran …

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Isolation of leaders & collapse of states

DUE to the tremendous technological progress, nothing big or small is hidden in any country from the eyes of all agencies. Therefore, there is no …

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Mohammed bin Salman … passionate to achieve and persistent in liberation from all forms of ‘retardation’

FEW are the leaders who review what they have accomplished in their long-term projects, and evaluate and correct the faults they find in their work. …

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Lebanon … mafia, militia and drugs

THE Lebanese must choose to either return to becoming people who love and strive for freedom, and seek to restore their country’s position as an …

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O Your Highness, strike with your authority to do justice to Farah and her companions

THE terrible murder of the young lady Farah Hamza Akbar shook the entire Kuwait due to its gruesomeness and timing. The perpetrator chose one of …

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Nukes unable to destroy nations, but deceit, fraud can wreak havoc

WHEN you study the conditions of Arabs particularly the Gulf nations or Kuwait to be precise, you will feel frustrated about the grim picture being …

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