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Wednesday , January 19 2022

Fawaz Alkhateeb

The dilemma of the crime of imitating the opposite sex in Kuwait.Why is the law unconstitutional?

In 2007, the National Assembly in Kuwait amended article 198 of the penal code, criminalizing ‘imitating the opposite sex in all forms’. The article stipulates …

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Lawyer Dr Alkhateeb calls for amendment of Article 60 bis of penalty code

Kuwait Bar Association holds panel discussion in presence of group of jurists KUWAIT CITY, Dec 25: Kuwait Bar Association held a panel discussion entitled “Conventions …

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Due to the Nullity of Search & Arrest Procedures

The Court of Appeal upholds the innocence of a defendant of the crime of carrying an unlicensed  firearm and ammunition, insulting a public official while …

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‘Deportation of expats is illegal’

Suicide bid not crime KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28: Reacting to the recently-published news article on suicide cases, an assistant professor at the Kuwait College of …

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Call for a moral revolution against honour killings

Murder of women, children can be neither justified nor tolerated Attorney Dr. Fawaz Alkhateeb The recurrence of the disturbing practice of murdering women and children …

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‘Extremist groups promoting terror beliefs must face law’

With the current developments in the Middle East and Afghanistan, press coverage of terrorism suggests that the term refers to the actions of large groups …

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Protesting is a lucid right, not a puzzling or a controversial one

Attorney Dr. Fawaz Alkhateeb Last week, a university professor was assaulted by police during a peaceful protest in Al Erada Square in front of the …

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Tweeting is like walking in a minefield in Kuwait

The more you tweet and post on social media in Kuwait and the Middle East, the more you may face crucial criminal procedures and probably …

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Stop hate crime and discrimination!

Four years ago, I had a strange business meeting with a western institution operating in the Education sector in Kuwait. The meeting took place in …

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Would you risk 6 months jail for reckless behavior?

While driving my car to work, especially on highways, I have often noticed that many children seated in the front seats or the middle seats …

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