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Sunday , October 17 2021


Why Gaddafi, Saddam missed?

The late Ahmad al-Rubei (1949 – 2008), after the revolutionary and leftist ideas evaporated from his head, told me that he visited the fish market …

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Al-Sobeih & Al-Bukhari book

An article I wrote in 1995 about Sahih al-Bukhari, which included analytical figures from the reality of what al-Bukhari himself wrote in the introduction to …

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‘We don’t need foreigners?’

I get up in the morning and find breakfast is ready. I thank Gemma and leave the house in my car that Carl cleaned. I …

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It’s a strange homeland

The fact that his doctorate certificate was fake and after this came to be known he disappeared from the scene and I think that people …

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Who’s going to bell the cat?

 ‘You should have refrained from issuing such defective decisions, especially as they were issued regarding activities that were never practiced but rather prohibited in accordance …

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Kuwait and morals of the Japanese people

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is striving to race against time, and move vigorously in the path of changing and modifying the curricula of its …

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Laith requests, Shafiq wishes

The position of some Arabs towards Kuwait is similar to their position towards the United States. They insult America in the afternoon and write articles …

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Don’t lose a ‘clean’ person

Mr. Abdullah Al-Salman, Minister of Commerce and Industry, is a former academic who became a minister and turned into a classic politician, and thus seeks …

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New-found love for poetry

I read a lot of poetry, and I memorized a few because I never loved it although I  forcibly memorized a lot of other invaluable …

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‘Starting from the top’

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was established in 1947 to carry out espionage and resist spying, and attributed to it a long series of political …

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