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Bankruptcy staring in the eye

In these particular circumstances I have no doubt that someone in the government, particularly the Minister of Finance will be happy to read this article, …

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The delusions of Faiq & courtesy of Ammar

Last September through an article I replied to Faiq Al-Sheikh Ali, the Iraqi MP, that Al-Qassim, Buraidah, Unaizah, Kuwait, Riyadh, Najd, Al-Ahsa, Al Qatif and …

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Charities of hoopoes, crows

Because of the repercussions of the Arab Spring crime that came close to overthrowing the legitimacy in the country, and take us to the banks …

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Your Highness, enough is enough!

Shortly after liberation, a decision which totally lacked prudence, the wise government decided to fix the exchange rate of the dinar to what it was …

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The epic of Al-Surrah villa

The interest of Human Friendship Society in obtaining a temporary headquarters began at an early stage, thanks to Dr. Farida Al-Habib, when she was the …

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The scholars of Social Reform Society and Al-Ajami’s tweet

Many countries follow the jury system in one form or another including the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand to issue judgments …

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Sleeping with the enemy

THE ‘Brotherhood’ has infiltrated all state institutions, mainly the religious and even the educational institution. They established political organizations and financial institutions and many of …

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Women status and murder

We have written dozens of times about the injustice that women are subjected to in our patriarchal societies, the arbitrariness they have received, and how …

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O Lebanese! Where to go now?

The Lebanese film ‘Where Do We Go Now?’, by the distinguished director Nadine Labaki, is considered one of the best Arab films. The film, which …

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Don’t forget malaria

DESPITE its 229 million cases and 409,000 deaths in 2019, malaria is an overlooked epidemic. The emergence of COVID-19 has thrown health systems into disarray …

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