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Leadership committed to revive Kuwait’s ‘Pearl of the Gulf’ status

KuwKUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: The integrated development plan under the supervision of His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad aims to bring about a quantum leap that will restore Kuwait to its pioneering position. Earlier, the newspaper reported that His Highness’ visit to China signals the launching of major development projects according to the principles set by His Highness; including infrastructure, economy, tourism and artificial intelligence. In terms of infrastructure and new cities, sources confirmed that the Silk City, which will be built in Sabiya as part of the northern economic zone, on an area measuring 250 square kilometers.

■ Infrastructure is one of the sources of national wealth that must be exploited optimally
■ Absence of tourist attractions prompted citizens and expatriates to spend their money abroad
■ Residential plots should be granted on the condition that they will neither be sold nor exchanged

They said it will take 25 years to build at a cost of about $86 billion.” Sources revealed “His Highness the Crown Prince believes that infrastructure is a source of untapped national wealth, which requires work to exploit it optimally for the advancement of the country. The absence of tourist attractions prompted Kuwaitis and expatriates to spend their money abroad. In addition, there is no attractions for tourists to visit Kuwait.” Sources said the leadership is considering “opening the country to everyone and reducing citizens’ spending on tourism abroad by stimulating domestic tourism for Kuwait to be like neighboring countries in terms of tourist attractions, especially those in the Gulf.” Sources disclosed His Highness’ development initiative includes mega projects like the construction of the metro and a railway linking Kuwait with neighboring countries, particularly the Gulf.

They said “projects will be implemented and funded byait ranks 75th in Global foreign companies through the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) system. The State shall give guarantees regarding the collection of revenues within a specified period. “The contracts in the prospective plan will oblige companies to train Kuwaitis to manage the project and to secure job opportunities for them, away from the prevailing bureaucracy. This will guarantee the elimination of disguised unemployment. “The maintenance of projects will be entrusted to local companies, which have skilled workers and attract Kuwaitis at the same time. “The plan of His Highness includes authorizing foreign companies to participate in the construction of residential cities, according to the conditions in force in neighboring countries.

“The granting of residential plots will be on the condition that they will neither be sold nor exchanged. The data available to the leadership revealed that plots were sold immediately after allocation; thereby, raising real estate prices. “Also, some plots were granted to the undeserving due to social, parliamentary, sectarian or tribal influence. All of these are tackled in His Highness’ plan. “The residential cities will be self-sufficient, particularly in administration and services, including garbage recycling.

The features of the expected development path will unfold clearly during the four years of implementation and completion. “The crisis that the country witnessed after the passing of HH the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad; as well as the political clamor and other incidents, during which the leadership was following up on matters in all aspects and identified the imbalances and causes of tug of war between the four successive governments and the elected parliaments during that period, and began to remedy issues in the proper manner. “The remedying process started with the reform of the political and administrative track related to ministries and institutions, and it did not lose sight of the advancement of Kuwait for the country to return to its previous status as ‘Pearl of the Gulf’,” sources concluded.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 72851 times!

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