KFAED emphasizes Kuwait’s longstanding commitment to development

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) emphasized Kuwait’s longstanding commitment to development, citing substantial efforts through initiatives led by the political leadership and collaborations with the international community and organizations in fostering economic growth and global development, reports Al-Rai daily.

Responding to a parliamentary inquiry by MP Shuaib Shaaban, Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Al-Sabah, in an attached memorandum to the Fund, highlighted Kuwait’s utilization of the Kuwait Fund for Development as the economic arm of its foreign policy, contributing significantly to global development.

The document revealed that advertising expenditure from 2020 to October of the current year amounted to 1.668 million dinars.

The memorandum underscored the role of media as a mechanism to showcase Kuwait’s positive development achievements worldwide. This involves employing various media tools, including international channel advertisements, producing short television messages, and selecting top shows on influential channels across numerous countries.

The primary objectives include introducing Kuwait’s role, fostering cooperation, strengthening economic ties and friendships, and garnering support for Kuwait’s issues and interests.

Regarding its strategy to achieve these goals, the Fund outlined five key objectives: enhancing its global role as a bilateral development institution, ensuring financial sustainability, upholding social responsibility, developing human resources and governance, and showcasing its distinctive development role both internally and externally.

The Fund acknowledged that media attention had not received sufficient focus over the past four decades. However, geopolitical events, particularly the Iraqi invasion in 1990 and the subsequent regional crisis, prompted a shift in perspective.

The formation of the international alliance for the Liberation of Kuwait underscored the need to prioritize the media aspect to highlight Kuwait’s role, commitment to international loyalty, and support for development efforts in the developing world.

The Fund recognized the necessity of raising awareness about its contributions to community development in Kuwait, monitoring public opinion domestically and internationally, and documenting its activities to enhance its public image.

This news has been read 631 times!

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