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Monday , September 28 2020

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Government’s ill-considered decision and innocent Poland

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli THE COVID-19 pandemic has exposed us to the government apparatus that governs our lives and deaths in the recent months, in addition …

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Whoever feels safe from punishment indulges in bad etiquette

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli THE troubles and violations of the Seaview Petroleum Corporation, led by its managing director and its subsidiaries, continue, to the extent of …

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Diwan in the hands of someone who wants to curtail the breath we take

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli THE National Assembly passed the Law No. 47/2015, which was signed by His Highness the Amir (may Almighty Allah grant him quick …

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Even cheese has a turn?!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli FROM a young age, we were raised in our schools, neighborhoods and homes on spontaneity, which might rise to the point of …

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Ministry of Interior … wrong side!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli WHEN we started learning how to drive a car, the streets of our country in those days were few and short. We …

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Principle of reciprocity

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli WE are not diplomats, but one of the most important principles of diplomatic relations that have developed over the years and centuries …

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Oh Minister of Health, this is the reward of those who did this to us

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli ONE of the bribes our rational government gives the voters who elected the disgraceful and shameful members of Parliament is overseas medical …

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Cenmar’s compensation

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli CERTAINLY, Cenmar’s compensation is what the new kings of Iraq are giving us. The story is about a king named King Al-Nu’man …

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This is Kuwaiti

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli I WAS a little sick, and I praise my Lord that I was in Kuwait which, for the first time in my …

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By-election and consultative laws, same thing

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli INDEED, when it comes to elections, the intended form of by elections and consultations about elections means the same thing. In this …

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