Tuesday , October 16 2018

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

A psychopath falls in love with rocket man

THE United States of America has never had a president with a loose tongue like the current US President Donald Trump, which is a known fact. This president speaks his mind, and whatever is in his mind lacks diplomatic language. He does not possess political experience, but instead has wide …

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Our private sector, you have made us proud

SAUDI ARABIA’s Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper published on the Business World page of its Sept 30 edition a news item that delighted me and restored my selfconfidence as a Kuwaiti who belongs to this land and has not known another homeland from my birth to my elderliness. The good news says, …

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Your reputation witnesses against you

A MEMBER of one of the biggest radical movements in the Arab world sadly keeps on repeating at every occasion that the local bloc to which he belongs is considered as the financial arm of that movement in Kuwait. In that case, his bloc represents the “treasury” of the Kuwaiti …

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Save your people the burden and troubles of traveling

THE fundamentalist activists among MPs and other tailors of ‘fatwas’, as well as extremists of repulsive eclecticism, have given us headache for days – as usual with trivial and insignificant issues. They turned the world upside down just because of a simple new technological tool that surpassed their thinking and …

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‘Shu qoul … shu haki’

AN esteemed columnist said: We see that majority of the columnists are pessimists in their articles; whereas life is full of beautiful things, why don’t we highlight the beautiful side of life? I want to say to our colleague: We are optimistic by nature. What brought us to the abyss …

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Central Bank enjoying by watching Kuwait shylocks

MORE than one unequivocal Quranic verse prohibits usury. In simplest term, usury is when the rich exploits the need of the poor by lending him a certain amount on condition of repaying it with more than what he borrowed. There has been a huge protest by those who describe themselves …

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Allah exalts the rank of whoever displays humbleness for His sake

LONG live our State.  Despite many inconveniences, they come and go; and from time to time, we see glimmers.  We ought to praise Almighty Allah for the blessing of being born in this land and for belonging to it. Among the blessings that Allah bestowed upon us in Kuwait are …

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Kuwait Airport: Tragedy continues

ONE of my readers used to work as an expatriate doctor in Ministry of Health, which has recently been transformed into a “Salafi” ministry, thanks to the minister’s tendencies. However, our topic for today has nothing to do with the ministry but it is related to Kuwait International Airport. We …

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The shamed felt ashamed

ONE of my dear friends, who I trust well, told me about an unfortunate event that took place on the day he arrived in Kuwait after spending his summer vacation in an Arab country. He asked me to tell the story to my dear readers. My friend said he is …

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Stay in Kuwait; hot everywhere

THE Western European countries have been gripped by an unexpected and unprecedented hot weather for years. We saw scenes of naked men and women dancing under a water fountain in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, where temperatures have recently reached 30 degree Celsius. We have seen almost the same scene …

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