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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Shameful parliamentary behavior

THE behavior of the so-called false opposition of the National Assembly of December 5, 2020 during the session on Tuesday is a matter that should …

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The government and its inequality

OUR true Islamic religion and the rest of the religions, laws and constitutions — on top of which the Kuwaiti Constitution — stipulate the equality …

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Corona ‘Fazaa’

THE parliamentary session of “Black Tuesday” can be considered as unprecedented in Kuwait’s democracy, which dates back to more than 60 years. Throughout that period, …

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Be accountable, punish yourself!

A DISTINGUISHED Kuwaiti woman works as a doctor and she is specialized in a rare medical field. Her husband is also a doctor who works …

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Honesty rare currency

NEWS about the dishonesty of many of our executive and legislative officials fill our eyes and ears every day through social media, newspapers and gossip. …

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Uncivil State!

One of the experts at the Dec 5, 2020 National Assembly has proposed the amendment of Article 79 of the Constitution, which states: “No law …

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Ear, nose and throat: results defy decisions

I have not yet met a single person who praises the decisions of the Minister of Health, the young Sheikh, and his group in dealing …

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Islam in non-Muslim countries

Fraternity, justice and equality are principles that were brought forth by the Heavenly religions, on top of which is the true Islamic religion.  However, these …

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Our white hands recently blackened

Our beloved Kuwait, in which we were born and lived for decades, was a pioneer in all fields — justice, hygiene, culture, arts, education and …

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Between a President and MP

 “ALLAH does not change what is in a nation unless they change what is in themselves”. Last Monday, an honorable sentence was imposed on former …

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