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Thursday , January 27 2022

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Benefit, looting on your eyes, O you merchant!

I would like to highlight the construction of two huge air-conditioned pedestrian bridges with escalators to cross from Dasma to Mansuriya and vice versa. This …

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COVID: Selective Hatimia

HATIMIA is a term that was derived from the name of the most generous Arab – Hatim al-Tai. Stories and legends have been told about …

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Review required

Everyone was pleased with the ruling of the First Instance Court, which convicted a number of judges of receiving bribes from defendants and money laundering. …

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The Kuwaiti Fund of shameful development

THE Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, with its irresponsible decisions, slapped every Kuwaiti citizen hard because it serves all countries of the world except …

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Selective fundamentalism!

Our fundamentalist brothers are still having fun in our society — East and West, South and North.  They prohibited the circulation of any merchandise or …

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Sadly, we have achieved well-deserved last place

I went on a three-day business trip to the sisterly country, the Kingdom of Bahrain. During my trip, I was amazed by the progress I …

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Be ‘generous’ to a mean person and he will rebel

Someone with all the tongues lasted for a short period in the previous assemblies. One stormed the assembly with rudeness, violence and screams. One of …

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Believe it or not!

WE have been living in our blessed land with the blessing of oil since it was discovered by the British. The best blessing for the …

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Money ‘Scrooge’ accumulated will eventually go to the crooks

IN ONE word, the miser now is our last ‘wise’ government, but it was tightfisted towards the people. I and all others who have been …

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What a failure!

DURING my early childhood, I used to walk everyday with my late father at the Abdul RazzaqDarwaza, which is located downtown, because our house was …

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