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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Constitution violated

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli WE may reluctantly understand the decisions taken by the Ministry of Health concerning the isolation of certain areas and stifling of most …

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Foreigner complex

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli OUR rational governments have made us get used to its absolute confidence in everything that is not Kuwaiti, such that being a …

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Biggest gainers, losers

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli ON June 9, Al-Qabas newspaper had published an article about the richest person in modern history. He is the American billionaire, Jeffrey …

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Kuwait’s O.J. Simpson

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli I HAVE stopped watching the Kuwait TV stations or “Jalaluddin Al-Roumi TV” for good. This is because it is clear that the …

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Doves without wings can’t fly

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli THE objective behind this article is to advise our government and its officials who came up with “creative” chronic decisions that uncovered …

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Life in the hands of Almighty, don’t destroy it yourself

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli BOTH the citizens and expatriates living in Kuwait have been urging the government to reconsider its measures related to the total lockdown …

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A puncture shop on the first floor

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli THE title of this article was published in Al-Watan newspaper in the late 1980s. At that time, the editor-in-chief was my late …

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Cauterization final cure

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli WE honor and appreciate the recent efforts exerted by our esteemed government and its respected members in its fight against the current …

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Don’t let the door hit you

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli UNDER the assumption that the employees of Kuwait Oil Company usually spend tedious five days of work per week, it was recently …

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You united with corona against us?

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli EVERYONE knows that the COVID-19 pandemic has emptied billions from the State Treasury due to the unexpected expenses spent for evacuating citizens …

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