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Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

Corona, what’s going on?

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi Recently, I was chatting with a friend about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the situation imposed in the world due to the pandemic, …

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Coronavirus and the private sector !

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi IN any devastating crisis, there have been victims. Therefore, in a major global crisis like the current coronavirus pandemic that is battering …

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Corona … and visa trading!

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi The coronavirus crisis has exposed the manifestation of a serious phenomenon, drawing attention to the threat of visa trading on the country’s …

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Apprehensions, confusion in crises times

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi In the time of corona, many people wallow in many thoughts and reflections.  They sail into the contradictions of such thoughts, which …

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Humor … in the times of coronavirus

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi In any crisis, human feelings can change from fear and fright to fun and laughter, as if the situation does not warrant …

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Expect the unexpected!

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi An expressive Tweet with substantiated figures written by a professor at the Mass Media Faculty in Kuwait University Dr Muhammad Dhaifallah Al-Otaibi, …

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Objective balancing of history!

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi History teachers and researchers use various methods, depending on the researcher and historical period of study. Many researchers are distinguished in their …

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Coronavirus … and the social media!

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi The WhatsApp messages and Twitter hashtags as well as other messages of warning, satire and alleviation are all about one topic – …

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Who are the nine apologetic MPs?

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi I usually avoid writing about local politics. Frankly, the local political affairs can only be found in the parliament; there are no …

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Narration, history follow-ups

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi I read several articles on the relationship between narration and history, which dealt with the structure resulting from historical chronology in a …

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