‘Respect rights, privacy of dead’

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KUWAIT CITY, May 4: The Ministry of Awqaf, through its Fatwa and Sharia Research Sector, has issued a ruling prohibiting the practice of using the hand or face print to unlock the phone of the deceased, reports Al-Qabas daily. This fatwa was prompted by a query from the Funeral Affairs Department Director regarding the permissibility of such actions.

In the fatwa, the Ministry clarified that accessing the deceased’s phone in this manner violates their privacy and raises suspicions about potential sensitive or shameful content. Consequently, it is deemed impermissible to undertake such actions, as they infringe upon the dignity and sanctity of the deceased. The Ministry emphasized that if there arises a legitimate need to unlock the deceased’s phone, such matters should be handled through proper legal channels, either by seeking judicial authorization or involving the relevant security authorities.

This news has been read 2482 times!

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