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  • Philippines delegation set for pivotal labor talks in Kuwait

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec 11: Ambassador of the Philippines to Kuwait Jose Cabrera III has confirmed that a Philippine delegation, consisting of officials from the Foreign Affairs and Migrant Workers departments in Manila will arrive in Kuwait on Tuesday to discuss labor issues with their counterparts here, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
    Cabrera told the daily: “The resumption of the recruitment of Filipino workers will be the focal point of the discussions with the Kuwaiti side. We hope the results of the meetings will be fruitful and satisfactory for both sides.”

  • Countdown to 2024: Family Visas in the pipeline

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec 9: The Ministry of Interior is currently studying the possibility of opening the door for Article 22 visa (family or dependent) applicants by the beginning of 2024, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a reliable source.
    The source was quick to clarify though that this will be for certain categories of expatriates only like doctors, university and applied education professors, counselors and others that will be determined based on several factors. However, the source did not enumerate the factors.
    The source told the daily that the ministry will soon form a committee in charge of setting conditions for the expatriate categories that will be allowed to bring their families to the country in line with the demographics strategy being implemented under the leadership and supervision of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled.

  • Recruitment Ban Update: Philippines delegation to visit Kuwait for talks

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: A delegation from the Philippines will visit the country from Dec 14-16 to discuss the resumption of the recruitment of Filipino workers for Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting a diplomatic source.
    The source disclosed that the delegation will include Filipino officials who will discuss lifting the ban on the recruitment of Filipino workers with their counterparts in Kuwait.
    According to the source, Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Jose Cabrera will soon meet with Assistant Secretary of State for Asian Affairs Ambassador Samih Gohar Hayat to tackle the labor file, in addition to discussions with other concerned parties.
    Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr announced on Oct 21 that the ban on sending Filipino workers to Kuwait would be lifted soon.
    The Philippine media, including Philippine Star Newspaper and CNN Philippines, quoted the Philippine president as saying upon his return from the ASEAN and Gulf Cooperation Council Summit held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that “they discussed relations between Kuwait and the Philippines on the sidelines of the summit.”

  • Procedure to end home quarantine for incoming passengers

    For incoming vaccinated arrivals as per the new decision of the Council of ministers, the arrivals can get out of 7 days home quarantine if they undergo a PCR negative result upon arrival in Kuwait.

    On arrival at Kuwait airport open below apps

    Shlonik app for quarantine, Immune app for vaccination and Kuwait Mobile ID app for Civil ID

    The Immune app will change its color from Green to Purple

    Shlonik app will be enabled kindly set it up from your home as the app will track the location address during your quarantine period.

    Screenshot of Shlonik app

    Shlonik app features: 5 times a day the app will send intimation to check in to take a photo or voice call. To end quarantine you will need to send a request by uploading screenshot of PCR negative test from Immune app and Vaccination main screen of Immune app

    For those who need to take PCR test should take appointment using Shlonik app specifying Reason, Time, Date and Destination. Generally it is authorized within an hour.

    Immune app screenshots which needs to be uploaded on Shlonik app to end quarantine (Vaccine status and PCR result)

    After submitting the screenshot it will take an hour for approval to end your quarantine

  • Can Indian driving license help to get a Kuwait driving license?

    I am a salesman and my current salary is KD 350. I have been in Kuwait for the last 7 months. I have Indian driving licence. Am I eligible for licence in Kuwait?

    Name withheld

    Answer: Unfortunately, in terms of the three criteria salary, years spent in Kuwait and possession of a university degree you do not meet the first two requirement and hence not qualified for a Kuwaiti driving licence. Nationals of some countries can be given Kuwaiti licence on the basis of them possessing their countries’ driving licence but unfortunately India is not one of such countries and hence your possession of an Indian driving licence has no bearing on acquiring a Kuwaiti licence.

    Kindly go through our archives and refrain from sending us repeated questions
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  • Indemnity for below 3 yrs of service

    I have resigned from a company which I have worked for 1 year 11 months 27 days. I was getting salary of KD 550 per month. I came here one year visa after completion of 1 year visa, I renewed for another 1 year; Another renewal due on March 25. I have however resigned; so how much indemnity will get for these 2 years. Please reply as soon as possible.

    Name withheld

    Answer: Unfortunately, you don’t qualify for indemnity because you have not put in the minimum three years of service required by the labour law. However if you have unused leave days, you have to be compensated in monetary terms for that.

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  • Change in designation from Accountant to Purchase Manager – Blocked driving license

    I used to work in a company as a purchase manager and having KD 600 salary in my work permit and based on that I have applied for a driving licence and hope I will get it soon. My concern is currently I am working as an accountant with a salary of KD 450, so far my residency is not transferred to the current company. My question is, will my licence get cancelled if the residency is transferred to current company as an accountant? If it is cancelled or blocked is there any way to get it reopened? Your valuable reply will be appreciated.

    Name withheld

    Answer: Yes, your driving licence will get cancelled if you transfer your residence from the old company to the new one. The simple reason being that under the old residency your monthly salary of KD 600 qualified you to apply for and posses a Kuwaiti driving licence but with a salary of KD 450 under the new work permit you fill short of the minimum KD 600 required and hence the licence will be cancelled and not blocked.
    This means that the only way you could get a Kuwaiti driving licence is to apply anew but this time with an accountant designation, you can also apply to the director-general of the traffic department for exemption in meeting the minimum salary requirement.

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  • Came to Kuwait 4 mnts ago – Want to transfer visa

    I came to Kuwait 4 months ago. I have Visa 18. Can I transfer my visa to new company?

    Name withheld

    Answer: No, you can’t because under the Kuwait Labour Law, you are required to work 3 years for the sponsor who brought you to Kuwait from your home country. If your sponsor is however willing to forego this 3-year requirement, it is possible for you to transfer to another company after one year of service to the original sponsor.

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  • Min. 9 mnts of service to apply for 30 days annual leave

    I joined private company on October-2018 and I left the company on September 2019 (11 months). My visa transferred to this company on March 2019. When I requested them leave salary they are telling me that I worked from March to September (6 months) so no eligibility for leave salary. Am I eligible for leave salary as per labour law. If I am eligible how will the leave salary calculated?

    Name withheld

    Answer: Under the law, you are required to put in a minimum of nine months of service before you can apply for 30 days of leave with pay.
    If the company is calculating your leave days based on the date that your visa was transferred then they would be right in denying you leave pay because under this scenario you had not put in the minimum nine months of service.
    On the other hand if you can prove though documentary evidence that you officially tried the company in October 2018 with the signing of a work contact in that month, then you would have put in eleven months of service and hence entitled to 30 days leave pay under this scenario you have to lead evidence to show that the delay in the visa transfer could be tranced to the company and not you.

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  • Visit visa validity for wife

    My wife has been with me in Kuwait for the last 40 days and now I am worried if it is only one month visa. Please advise.

    Name withheld

    Answer: Visit visas for the immediate members (wife and children) of an expatriate worker’s family, have a duration of three months. For other members of the family it is one month; you don’t have reason therefore to be worried over your wife’s visa since it has a duration of three months from the date of entry.

    Kindly go through our archives and refrain from sending us repeated questions
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