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Saturday , January 25 2020

Legal Clinic

Mubarak Al Kabeer restaurant visa to dependent visa

I came on Mubarak Al Kabeer restaurant visa. My sponsor told me it is not possible to transfer to another company after 3 years also. …

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Terminated from job – Am I obliged to work for 3 mnts?

I have been terminated from my organization. They have served me 3 months notice, am I obliged to work. Name withheld Answer: The three-month notice …

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How to transfer from family visit visa to dependent visa

My family (wife and child) recently came to Kuwait through visit visa. Very recently my company renewed my residency with KD 500 salary scale (before …

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Explanation on leave salary

I’m a British national working in Kuwait since 2014, I don’t fully understand how things work yet and I genuinely hope you can assist me …

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Release and unpaid salary

I am an electrical engineer working in Kuwait for the past two years. In January 2019, I transferred to another company but I haven’t received …

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Questions on release and transfer

My company hired me from my home country 2 years ago, do I have the right to apply for a release? Name withheld Answer: No, …

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UAE driving license to Kuwaiti driving license

My Kuwait driving licence was issued in March 2009. The expiry mention in my licence in March 2019. In 2016 I moved to Dubai and …

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Visit visa transfer to Family visa

I bought my family (wife & 18 month-year-old baby) through visit visa to Kuwait. Please let me know, can I change visit visa to dependent …

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What if I get fired from Job, how can I pay bank loan?

I am an expat working in Government sector, I took loan in Islamic Bank, the tenure of my loan is 5 years, 1 year passed, …

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Increase in Health Insurance?

Can I know how much to pay for health insurance for children? befor I paid KD 40, I heard from Jan 2020 insurance payment must …

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