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In 1965, Yousef Al-Rafaei, owner of Al-Seyassah weekly magazine, offered Ahmed Al-Jarallah the position of Editor-in-Chief. Al-Rafaei, then serving as Kuwait’s Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and head of the Municipality, saw potential in Al-Jarallah’s journalism prowess. Accepting the offer, Al-Jarallah swiftly transformed Al-Seyassah into a renowned publication through his professionalism and influential connections with local and Arab leaders.

However, tensions arose between Al-Jarallah and Minister Al-Rafaei, leading to their eventual separation. Faced with the choice of either leaving the magazine or purchasing it, Al-Jarallah, committed to journalism, opted for the latter. By the end of 1967, he applied to convert Al-Seyassah from a weekly to a daily newspaper, challenging the monopoly held by “Al-Rai Al-Am” at the time.

In April 1968, the inaugural edition of the daily Al-Seyassah newspaper, albeit with limited resources, hit the stands under Al-Jarallah’s leadership. Despite its humble beginnings, Al-Jarallah’s dedication propelled the newspaper to prominence, earning it a solid reputation both regionally and internationally.

Arab Times newspaper: In February 1977, Dar Al-Seyassah newspaper launched the weekly publication Arab Times, which quickly transitioned into a daily newspaper, playing a significant role in Kuwait and the Gulf Area. Since its inception in 1977, Arab Times has consistently been the top choice and the most widely read English-language newspaper among readers in Kuwait.

Al-Hadaf Established in 1965, the newspaper quickly rose to prominence among weekly publications in the Arabic language, becoming a leader in its category. With comprehensive content comprising 32 pages in color and black and white, it covered a wide array of topics including fashion, interviews, social, economic, and political commentary. Additionally, dedicated sections addressed feminist issues, catering to diverse interests. Its engaging content attracted a large readership not only within the Gulf region but also across the globe.

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