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Thursday , January 27 2022


Tourism without a ‘drink’

Kuwait is trying to diversify its income and search for alternative sources instead of depending on the sole source of oil, such as tourism but …

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Lebanon ties ‘subject-matter as required thereby’

PERHAPS the Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Bouhabib have forgotten that flatteries no longer have a place in …

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How far off are we from Abdullah Al-Salem’s State? History is made by those with free will

CORRUPTION has become our daily norm to such an extent that we believe there is no cure for it, and that it is the inevitable …

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‘All are presidents and all are doctors in our world’

An American proverb says: “Too many chiefs but not enough Indians, meaning that everyone wants to give orders, but no one wants to carry them …

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Al-Ali’s grilling … exposed

IT is all clear now … Opportunism has been exposed upon the grilling of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Hamad Jaber …

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These are the sane, so how will the fools be?

People are not divided into nationalities, ethnicities, sects, faiths, blocs and parties, but are divided into wise and fools. As for fools, they are divided …

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Dr Ahmed Al-Khatib … where are we going, where are the good old days?

IT has become necessary to end this unfortunate farce that demeans the minds of the people of Kuwait who chose 60 years ago to have …

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Benefit, looting on your eyes, O you merchant!

I would like to highlight the construction of two huge air-conditioned pedestrian bridges with escalators to cross from Dasma to Mansuriya and vice versa. This …

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‘Women in army’ … Defense Minister and clergy thought

The young and enlightened Minister of Defense took a decision to open the doors for women to be enlisted in the army, so the religious …

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‘Research says some may have genetic immunity against corona’

“SO FAR, there is no firm scientific evidence that some people are genetically immune to viruses and diseases in general. However, there are many medical …

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