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Wednesday , March 3 2021

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Thanks for taking us to the last place

THE one who took us to the last place with an enviable merit is His Excellency our Minister of Health, the young Sheikh, with the …

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Those who came from the womb of the Constitution trampled on it

WE, in Kuwait, have transformed from a State of constitution and freedoms which are stipulated in clear and unambiguous articles in the Constitution, such as …

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Money is our soul … stop wastage of money in the oil sector

WE felt very pleased when His Highness the Prime Minister reached an agreement concerning government formation with a group of sixteen MPs in the December …

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CORRUPTION fills the country. Chaos pervades its distant and near streets and neighborhoods, as the law is being violated publicly during the day and the …

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Corruption heavy enough to be carried by trucks

EVERYONE talks about administrative corruption and its heroes among the employees of our rational government. The corruption in Kuwait Municipality is so much rampant and …

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Honored by the blessing of Islam before plagued with your ideas!

THE new Kuwaitis have been plagued with our political authorities over the years.  They and their sons believe we are the infidels of Quraish (Kofar …

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Some Kuwaitis bring pride and others bring disgrace

LAST week, the local newspapers were filled with news about the Kuwaiti youth and individuals who bring pride to the nation, and others who bring …

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Long-awaited parliamentary intervention …

BADER Al-Humaidi – a new parliamentarian – calmed the conscience of many of the Kuwaitis who were murmuring about a certain issue that they were …

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If I were not Kuwaiti

BRAVO to our Omani brothers for their success in combating corruption these days. Corruption is prevalent in many parts of the world, and it has …

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We lost Sheikh of Sheikhs

WHEN we were young, our parents and grandparents used to implore us by using the phrase – “Pardon, O Sheikh”. To our young understanding, addressing …

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