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Tuesday , December 11 2018

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Bush deserves it

GEORGE H.W. BUSH was a source of hope and jubilation during the horrible Iraqi invasion when he condemned it at its early stages. He said this aggression would not last and the invasion should not continue. When the coalition of more than 30 countries came, he issued within the United …

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Message from Germany for snivellers on a shameful law

THE position taken by the commendable parliamentary legislative committee on the proposal presented by some of its (commendable) members – Khaled Al-Shatti and Ahmad Al-Fadhil – to amend or repeal one of the articles of the Nationality Law, which was introduced by the fanatics among our MPs in 1982, emitted …

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Some decisions that deserve a ‘hats off’

TAKING off the hat is a civilized symbol of approval and commendation for a person who did a certain work, statement or action. Taking off the hat means appreciation, gratitude and admiration for what has been done. It is true that we do not wear hats; except on weekends, during …

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Necessity knows no law

THE latest massive drug bust in Kuwait, during which Customs officials seized more than 1.3 million narcotic pills, is deeply alarming and unsettling. It is a source of fear and panic for our young ones because this drug haul was packed in a manner resembling ‘sweets’ or ‘medicinal pills’. Some …

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Discriminative embarrassing law

ONE of many amendments to the Kuwaiti Citizenship Law was issued during the term of one of our Parliaments which went and will never be missed. According to that embarrassing uncivilized amendment, it is not allowed to grant Kuwaiti citizenship to anyone except a ‘Muslim’. This amendment, which was promoted …

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If ignorance were a man I would have killed him

MAY the pious Imam of the fourth caliphate Ali bin Abi Taleb (may Allah be pleased with him) forgive me for borrowing his eternal saying: “If poverty were a man, I would have killed him.” I would have said to him: “Poverty in my rich country is no longer a …

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Disputes solved without a judge

LAST WEEK, the Rental Disputes Center (RDC) in Dubai announced its plan to launch a swift self-litigation system in 2019. It is an artificial intelligence system which solves disputes without a judge. This will be made possible by making some minor adjustments in laws. The self-litigation system begins once one …

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What a failure … take 10!

NEWSPAPERS published the advertisement of a foreign company which runs a terminal called T4 (Terminal 4) at Kuwait International Airport. This terminal has been dubbed as the ‘celebration terminal’. Even we as Kuwaitis, or at least majority of us, have not seen the domains of this dream terminal being used. …

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A psychopath falls in love with rocket man

THE United States of America has never had a president with a loose tongue like the current US President Donald Trump, which is a known fact. This president speaks his mind, and whatever is in his mind lacks diplomatic language. He does not possess political experience, but instead has wide …

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Our private sector, you have made us proud

SAUDI ARABIA’s Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper published on the Business World page of its Sept 30 edition a news item that delighted me and restored my selfconfidence as a Kuwaiti who belongs to this land and has not known another homeland from my birth to my elderliness. The good news says, …

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