Wednesday , August 15 2018

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

The shamed felt ashamed

ONE of my dear friends, who I trust well, told me about an unfortunate event that took place on the day he arrived in Kuwait after spending his summer vacation in an Arab country. He asked me to tell the story to my dear readers. My friend said he is …

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Stay in Kuwait; hot everywhere

THE Western European countries have been gripped by an unexpected and unprecedented hot weather for years. We saw scenes of naked men and women dancing under a water fountain in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, where temperatures have recently reached 30 degree Celsius. We have seen almost the same scene …

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New prison needed

FEW days ago, I wrote about the new Kuwait International Airport terminal (T4), which officials have promised will be ready for Kuwait Airways to use starting from early August, and I insist we should not celebrate until we see it happening physically, seeing the rate at which we long for …

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No liberty for liberal society!!?

IN December 2017, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor officially recognized the formation of Kuwait Liberal Society (KLS). Since its recognition up to this day, the society has been the active flame for achieving the objective for which it was established — to enhance liberties in this country. Liberties …

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Consolidating tribalism

Every day we see the increasing devotion to all types of tribal and sectarian tendencies while the voice of the nation continues to become faint. What we mean here is that the voice of the nation has become inaudible. To add insult to injury shy voices from time to time …

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Who’ll stop the government and force it to come to its senses?

IF WHAT was published by Al-Seyassah newspaper regarding the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s approval of the amendment of the basic statute of Al-Islah Society (Social Reform Society) is true, this is another disaster on the list of detestable corruption disasters achieved by our wise government. As we established …

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Oh Abu Nasser, you made us proud

The Amir of Humanity, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed, the Amir of Kuwait is not only leading us out of the turbulent waters of the region but the entire world, and this has been proven by countless testimonies that he is a skilled captain. Everyone has praised the initiatives undertaken by HH …

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Wish we were Indians … and Chinese!!

WE were brought up based on the saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “Is not amongst us who scams us?” This is the way we are wired. We wish to see our ‘Awqaf’ fanatic ministry and our multi-million fanatic societies to launch a campaign against scammers living amongst us, instead of …

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Lady without hijab in Aramco

YES indeed, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently appointed a woman as one of the board members of its major company and the world’s top oil company “Aramco”, the oil fields of which produce ten million barrels of oil per day. The appointee is Lynn Laverty Elsenhans — former chairperson, …

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Role distribution

THE recent campaign organized by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs prompted women to wear the ‘hijab’ (veil). It was countered by a fierce campaign by thousands of local activists — non-profit organizations and independent activists who took to social media to tell their side of the story. The …

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