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The life of any society or human being has both positive and negative aspects. As citizens, we see our beloved country with our own eyes daily.  It used to be an advanced country in all fields, but now, it is returning to the period of oppression.

In theory, we are not to blame if we spend the rest of our days complaining and being gluttonous!! Thus, our telephone, bureaucratic, religious and travel conversations are reduced to certain topics, such as diesel theft, bribery of lawmakers, theft of tankers, visa trading, theft of generators, Bangladeshi MP, theft of insurances, official external transfers, contract of life, Malaysian fund, theft of the Army fund, theft of Interior hospitality and theft of London investments.

The so-called development fund for our billions is managed by its smiling president, who distributes these billions as if he is protecting this money from his own pocket or that of his honorable family like alms for the needy.  He thinks this is the way to earn a reward from the hand of God Almighty, and then give us — whose money has been ‘falsified’ — some of such reward!!

Dear readers, these are among the laughable and disheartening matters in our country.  The institution is located in the eastern part of two skyscrapers — the Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Investment Authority.  It insures our money and that of our children and grandchildren in the unknown future of this State under such illogical policy!!

Praise God, as we neither lost hope nor hate our country under these dark circumstances.  Rather, these circumstances make us love our country more as days go by.

Last week, I felt happy whenever I browsed our newspapers — most of which are owned by notable and rich people and companies; and whenever I found smiles filling their faces after seeing the profits they made in the last nine months.

Companies listed on the stock exchange achieved KD1.65 billion profits or more than $5 billion — money earned by companies whose owners are rich, middle class and poor.  These individuals usually find out what happens to their money only after every quarter, semester, three-fourth of the year or one year.

Thousands of ‘authors’ approach often them in a bid to get into their accounts without paying tax or the government earning even a penny from them. This is a positive aspect for the people of Kuwait who are shareholders of large and small companies.  Do not ignore it.

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This news has been read 114839 times!

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