We say to those expelled from their countries … welcome!

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In Iran, the Guardianship of the Islamic jurist Wilayat Al-Faqih has been setting the country back and forth for decades.  We have nothing to say except: “Allah is sufficient for us, He is the best disposer of affairs.”

Iran used to be one of the developed countries in many fields.  However, the Malalwa among those with white and black turbans came and stopped progress in all fields; except the field of armaments and exporting revolution, through which the Saddam-Khomeinist war took place for years.  This happened because of the resounding slogan that does not fatten or satisfy hunger.  It resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in the two countries, yet they did not check.

We go back to the unhappy Iranian present – people of diverse origins and ethnicities.  Two months ago, we witnessed something that resembled popular revolutions – the outbreak of protests against the killing of a Kurdish young woman, Mahsa Amini, in the hands of the so-called ‘morality police’ in Tehran.  It was done under the pretext that she did not wear modest dress according to the standards of such police and this belief continues!

Recently, news agencies reported that Iranian groups reacted positively to the announcement of Iranian prosecutor Muhammad Jaafar Montazeri that the Parliament and judiciary are reviewing the Compulsory Hijab Law; in addition to stopping the work of the ‘morality police’.

We then tell the conservatives among our honorable Iranian neighbors: “Welcome, if you stop your actions in your brotherly country – Kuwait, in order to meet with your peers who have the Document of Values, parliamentary Negative Phenomena Committee, and compulsory lengthening of beards and shortening of ‘dishdishas’, while branding everyone who does not belong to your isolated extremist ideology as an apostate!!!

Our country recently embraced the ideology of other nations, led by the big sister – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its courageous young leadership.  Besides silencing the extremist voices, it launched a campaign to combat corruption in State institutions and other entities.  It held accountable those who used religion as an excuse for plundering public money.

The Kingdom has started holding the Imams and clerics responsible for the crimes they committed.  This led to the great intellectual, social and cultural renaissance that the Kingdom has been experiencing over the past few years.

The campaign of our brothers in Saudi Arabia against the Brotherhood and others is still hot. Saudi’s Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance Dr Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh said his country witnessed the programmed wave of those following the Brotherhood thought called ‘Tatifiyah Al-Sahawi’.  “It is not an awakening, it is rather destructive,” he said.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 156322 times!

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