Go without returning!!

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We are proud to bid farewell to some government officials who must go or leave without returning!! Otherwise, who will be able to force officials to leave their positions suddenly and without warning?! The answer lies in not compromising the unprecedentedly high monthly salary – blue, brown, violet and green banknotes! They will prove that their presence on the high chairs and their non-existence are the same. I was once an employee for our wise governments that did not deal with everyone equally.

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Owing to my higher degree, I opted to work in the Public Prosecution as an agent for the deputy with a salary that was KD 100 higher than the salary of university graduates, which did not exceed KD 250 per month. Later, I had the opportunity to work as the assistant of the legal advisor at Kuwait National Petroleum Company with a salary that was KD 50 higher than the government salary.

After that, I worked as a freelance lawyer. My income and salary was more than double the meager government salary… Then, I ran for elections and won the seat (Da’iya – Al-Shaab – Failaka) in order to be chosen, along with five of my colleagues, as ministers in the government of HH the late Sheikh Saad. The point here is that my salary as a minister was less than that of a rational government employee and less than the thousands I earn per month in the legal profession. I later graduated to become a deputy in the council with a lower salary.

Therefore, I was amazed and shocked by the behavior of 16 senior officials – the resignation of 16 officials who give orders and decide for hundreds of employees. Their decisions affect hundreds of thousands of citizens and expatriates. My astonishment lies in the collection of 85 percent of the thousands they received now that they are sitting in their homes.

We hope the honorable members of our National Assembly, such as Alia Al-Khalid, Jenan Bu Shahri and others who are known for their honesty, will propose a law and put pressure on those responsible for issuing decisions to stop the irregularities. Otherwise, they will not enter the white building along Arabian Gulf Street, except during the opening session of the Assembly. As Kuwaiti people, we have to tell them: “Go without returning!!”

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

[email protected]

This news has been read 124622 times!

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