He restricts the freedom of others and forgets his own

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Segregation of students in classrooms at the new buildings of Shadadiya University was the most recent demand of the Taliban group in Kuwait despite the fact that these classrooms are as big as basketball or tennis courts. The wise government bows to their ideologies no matter how trivial and silly they are.  Sadly, Kuwait is afflicted by such ideologies, since some of the Taliban figures were granted the Kuwaiti nationality just to make balance with the liberals due to fear of the liberal figures and their power, which was absolute at one point in time.

Back to the Shaddadiya University buildings, I visited them some months prior to completion; during which I listened to the presentation of Kuwaiti engineers monitoring the construction works at the time.  The buildings occupy a space of some square kilometers, as large as the area from Dasman Palace to Jahra Gate.  Why did the Kuwaiti Taliban not demand for segregation prior to the completion of the buildings?

Kuwait is lagging behind the neighboring countries, which used to look up to Kuwait as a model of advancement.  This is also the case with administrative jobs, roads, planning, integrity of public officials and other fields.  The Kuwaiti Taliban brothers ignored such issues and focused on the woman’s body, segregation and the places where women should and should not go.  They are not concerned about communicating with those who do not share their rituals and their endless list of prohibitions; including the Christmas Tree, greeting Christians on New Year and sharing rituals with different sects of society. They only care about their ideal example, that is, Afghanistan under the rule of Taliban.

Nevertheless, all these faded when the Court of Cassation issued a final verdict to imprison one of the Kuwaiti Taliban figures for stealing public funds estimated at KD 7 million.  Earlier, the Kuwait Taliban group commanders defended the ‘honest and innocent’ figure, since he is one of their leaders.  Arab countries, except Kuwait, have banned the group for its involvement in all the civil wars in the Arab world and adoption of policies against Arab leaders.  The convicted leader was the first to be discovered and many of his colleagues will join him behind bars soon.  We then tell the Taliban group: “You have to pay more attention to your dishonest leaders and lessen pressure on the citizens who placed you on top with good intention.” 

There is no might or power other than Allah Almighty.

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This news has been read 661963 times!

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