Is it just us?!

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The emperors of the current religious extremism (Brotherhood- Salafist) would like to explain the attacks of the likes of us on their afflictions in our silent society and the compromising government on the sectarian chord under the pretext of the sectarian differences between the Sunnis and Shiites. This miserable explanation is acceptable for those with sick souls in our society, so the extremists enjoy repeating it… even though it is incorrect and unrealistic.

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Before the Creator afflicted us with the likes of these people, we lived in peace and cordiality. Well, we continue to do so. After all, we are the sons of the two communities. The massacre at Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque on a Friday in the month of Ramadan is something strange to our society. It was imported from countries that threw it in their garbage bins! Join us in shedding light on the troubles of the people of religious extremism, our free liberal brothers, may God increase their likes.

The seriousness of contemporary movements of the predecessors and the Muslim Brotherhood was exposed recently by one of the serious European indices, not one of the doctrinal and intellectual indices of the misguided groups! It is called the Terrorism Index in Europe, issued by the European Center for the Study of the Phenomenon of Terrorism and Intelligence. The index showed numbers that reflected strong threats regarding the growing extremist activity of the so-called ‘Salafi jihadi groups and the extreme right’, along with the continued intensification of efforts to confront the terrorist Brotherhood movements in most European countries (Annahar daily – Dec 20, 2022).

The report detailed the terrorist principles and threats of these two movements in European countries; such as France, Britain, Sweden, Germany and Austria. The head of the European Center stressed that terrorism remains a source of serious threat in the year 2023, considering the new centers for the spread of extremism.

Therefore, the dangers posed by Islamic and right-wing extremist groups should be understood; gaps should be bridged; security capabilities should be strengthened with human and financial resources, expertise and training; and not giving extremists a chance to plan new attacks. We dedicate this news to our governments who have been in irrevocable marriages (undivorceable), as they continue pampering the representatives of these movements by putting them in sensitive government posts and their collection of tens of millions of dinars without tangible spending for them at home or for the needy of the brotherly Arab countries. “The closest are the first to be favored,” so they say.

I visit my mother weekly, may God prolong her life. She resides in an area between the Fourth and Fifth Ring roads (Surrah). On my way to her home, I pass by Rawda where I see charitable and fundamentalist associations which are more than the number of my fi ngers, led by the Social Reform Society (SRS), which occupies thousands of meters in a quiet residential area. I refer it, along with its buildings and branches all over Kuwait, to the roaring hell.

It makes one laugh and cry at same time as Kuwait Social Reform Society, which is located across the SRS is the Independence Club of our liberal brothers. May God have mercy on Ahmed Al- Khatib, Abdullah Al-Nibari and the great founders who were ‘confi scated’ by the State to refer to the club for the disabled more than 30 years ago. Yet, our liberal brothers remains silent — the silence of the graves. Then, the rational issued a decision that contradicts the most important articles of the Constitution! Is it just us?!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil
[email protected]

This news has been read 481762 times!

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