Cheating groups charging big amounts from students

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KUWAIT CITY, June 6: The coordination meetings among government agencies did not succeed in resolving the issue of using jamming devices to combat cheating in academic exams, especially for high school students whose exams will start on June 11.

In parallel to the refusal of the Ministry of Health to install these devices because they could harm the students, information was received about intense activity in networking applications within new groups created for the purpose of cheating. One of its promoters raised the subscription price to about KD 80 per student, reports Aljarida daily.

According to the information received, this person has been promoting the groups he owns on WhatsApp, which has reached more than 30 in number. Each group has no less than 200 subscribers. He is relying on some students who will assist by filming the question papers at the beginning of the exam when they receive it. Earlier, the tangible coordination between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Interior during the first semester exams resulted in the discovery of a group of test cheating networks for high school students.

Considering that the exams for the 12th grade students for the current academic year of 2022/2023 will start on June 11, there has recently been significant activity in terms of the emergence of new cheating groups that claim the ability to leak tests, and deliver model answers to students who wish to participate in them. In this regard, informed sources explained that the refusal of the Ministry of Health to place jamming devices and operate them in the exam committees has contributed to the re-emergence and spread of these groups, because of the huge sums of money they obtain, reaching hundreds of thousands of dinars. The owners of these groups encourage the students who are registered with them to insert phones and micro-earphones to carry out the task of filming the exam paper upon receiving it.

The sources revealed that there are also some VIP groups where students who cooperate with the owners of cheating groups will join, as they will be provided with a solution faster than others, as well as offered special prices for their cooperation. They highlighted the instructions from the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Hamad Al-Adwani to the concerned authorities within the Ministry of Education to enhance coordination with the Ministry of Interior to work on controlling these groups and accounts that promote fraud.

The sources affirmed that the campaign that took place during the first semester had a great impact in stopping these practices, or at least limiting them. They explained that the Ministry of Education will take a number of measures to reduce the phenomenon of cheating during exams. Monitoring committees will be approved to monitor the 12th grade exams, which will depend on the rotation procedure outside the scope of the educational area.

Determining the committee members and their workplaces will take place during the current week. Among the procedures is to tighten control within the committees, and for the Ministry of Education’s officials to make surprise visits to the examination committees, so that each committee is visited more than once during one day. They also include ensuring the procedures of opening the envelopes and distributing examination papers take place in accordance with the regulations without any prejudice. Meanwhile, educational sources revealed that the Ministry of Education proposed two tenders for transferring the exam papers of secondary school students in the six educational zones, religious education, and special education schools for the 2023/2024 academic year. They affirmed that the Ministry of Education’s proposed tenders are for the provision of test transfer services by specialized companies.

This news has been read 5544 times!

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