Concerns Surge as Cheating Prevails in Science-Related Exam Subjects

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 11: During the resumption of twelfth-grade exams on Wednesday, officials provided positive feedback on the organization and equipment of the examination committees. Hessa Al-Mutawa, the acting Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education, chaired a meeting with the Council of General Directors, where reports from various committees were discussed.

Al- Mutawa commended the efforts of school principals, officials, and educators in maintaining a high standard of organization, emphasizing the need to sustain this commitment until the conclusion of the exams, reports Al-Rai daily. As students tackled subjects like physics, environmental issues and contemporary development, and jurisprudence, Al-Nahedh, the Director of the Hawalli Educational District, highlighted the proactive measures taken to ensure students’ comfort during exams. Teams were formed, meetings were held, and advance plans were prepared to support the smooth conduct of examinations.

Al-Daihani, the Director of the Capital Educational District, echoed these sentiments during his inspection of the Saad bin Al-Rabie secondary school committee, emphasizing the calm and conducive educational atmosphere observed during the visit. Reports from the examination committees revealed 172 cases of cheating, with the majority in the scientific and literary sections. Additionally, 1,774 students were absent, with efforts made to address 434 cases of deprivation and 5,151 cases of absenteeism in total. To stay abreast of developments, the Ministry’s leaders continued inspection tours, emphasizing the importance of maintaining integrity in examination procedures. Al-Daihani stressed the district’s commitment to a well-prepared educational environment, ensuring the presence of resident observers to monitor the readiness of committees and the integrity of exam procedures. The collective dedication of educational officials was highlighted as crucial in fostering an environment conducive to successful exams

This news has been read 1407 times!

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