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Locally hired – Company boss doesnt want to give release

I just want to ask regarding release … it’s my third company and I was hired and have spent locally 1 yr and 1 month but my present employer doesn’t want to give me release even after signing my resignation letter and my clearance. Is he right to deny me …

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Better jobs available – Can I get release

I have completed 1.5 years in the company. I am working on “18” visa. I have found a job and planning to change, can the company refuse to give me a transfer? What are the remedies available to me? Name withheld Answer: If the company recruited you from your home …

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Contract signed for 2 yrs – Can I get release after 2 yrs

I’m currently working for an exchange company in Kuwait. I have signed a 2 year contract with them I’m at point of almost completing my contract. Can I ask for release from my company after completion of my contract? Please let me know about the laws if I am denied …

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Company has not given probation letter – Can I get release from company

I came to Kuwait on Government Project visa and completed 9 months. Until now I didn’t receive my probation confirmation letter and also even I didn’t sign any official contract letters. Now i got another opportunity on the same governmental project with another company and my present company is saying …

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5 star hotel refusing to give release after 3 yrs of work

I was working in a 5 Star hotel for the past 3 years under Visa 18 and now my company is refusing to give me the release, so please suggest me what to do. Name withheld Answer: The company is wrong in refusing to give you a release after working …

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Release from company

Sir/madam, good day to your good office. I resigned from my company last April 1, 2017, and I stated that I will only be working until July 1, 2017 for the company. The management told me that the first day of my resignation will be the time when they approve …

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Company refusing to give release due to close contact with Shoun

Please I’m sorry for disturbing you again … please reply to my previous question if the company has the right not to release the employee even if she’s working 10 consecutive years in the company … because the company said I cannot resign until February 2018 because of their close …

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Terminated within one year, can I get release?

I heard an employee cannot transfer his/her residency to a new employer before one year work in the same job, if the employer terminates the contract with employee within probation period (100 days of joining) or employee wants to switch the job because of some dispute with the employer. In …

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Adamant Sponsor

I was working with a company as purchasing manager for the last 10 years. Please note that I joined this company locally. On Jan 5th, 2017, I resigned, citing lack of interest by the sponsor to develop the business and considering my personal prospects as well. However, to my surprise, …

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