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Tuesday , November 13 2018

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Release for New comers to Kuwait – Private sector

Query 1: I am from India working with a private company in Kuwait for the past 8 months. If i find a better opportunity can i resign and join the new company after my notice period, as i believe there would be release issues in 8 months. Query 2: Some …

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Manager hired from abroad wants release after one year

I’m working in a company in Kuwait in a managerial position and the work permit also shows the position as a manager and salary as KD 450 only. I was recruited from India on a two-year visa. Is it possible to get release after one year? Name withheld Answer: No, …

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Worked for 6 mnts want release or go back to home country

I came to Kuwait in December, I don’t want to work in my company. Can I get release or can I go back to India again, completed 6 months here. Name withheld Answer: Under Kuwait Labor Law you are expected to work for the company for three years before you …

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Is it mandatory for a Manager to work for 3 yrs if hired from abroad?

I’m an Indian and have an offer letter to work as deputy finance manager. I’m an MBA holder and certificates are attested. My question is: Is it mandatory to work for three years since I’m a direct recruit from India even if company is ready to give a release? Offer …

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Even if your Sponsor gives release before 3 yrs of work, Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour may object

I completed my Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 2007 from Stamford University, Bangladesh and have already 10 years of working experience. However, I came to Kuwait on 27/1/2017 with a supervisor (Project/18/Shoon) visa and working as an Electrical Engineer at a local company in Kuwait but on last …

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Release for new restaurant staff

I am working in a restaurant. I am new to Kuwait only 4 months over. I signed contract for two years. Can I get release after one year? Since company is only providing two days off per month and 12 hours duty and salary also very less. Name withheld Answer: …

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Company wants to cancel visa – Want release

My husband has resigned from his company but the company rather chose to terminate his appointment without any reason but because they are angry with him for submitting his resignation. Since they refuse to sign it, they want to cancel the visa of my husband which is against the rules …

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Release for degree holder and non-degree holder

I have been working here in Kuwait for 3 years plus now. My first company gave me a release but now I got a better offer from another company and they want me to start immediately. I’m in my 6th month now. My question is, if I leave, should I …

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Company refusing to give release although completed 4 yrs

I am a engineer. My company terminated me from my services today (23-12-2017) and the last working day will be on 22-03-2018. But my residence is valid up to 02-02-2018 only. I already got the other job offer. I asked for a local release but my company refused to give …

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Locally hired – Company boss doesnt want to give release

I just want to ask regarding release … it’s my third company and I was hired and have spent locally 1 yr and 1 month but my present employer doesn’t want to give me release even after signing my resignation letter and my clearance. Is he right to deny me …

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