No release before 3 yrs of service

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Hi I have some query regarding the possibility of getting a release. I arrived in Kuwait April 2017 and worked for the company who took me from my home country for 1 year and 6 months then after that they transferred me to a different company in Oct 2018 but with same owner as to my previous company but different company name. I have been working more than a year now in this new company and this April of 2020 will be my 3 years of staying in Kuwait. My question is will I be granted a release visa if none of my stay in a company was straight 3 years but they are owned by the same person who sponsored me to come to Kuwait.

Name withheld

Answer: The main idea behind the 3-year service for the company that brought an employee from his/her home country to Kuwait is to help the company defray the cost of bringing the worker to the country through the services rendered by the worker.

We are therfore of the opinion that by April, 2020 you would have fulfilled the 3 year service requirement regardless of whether the 3-year service was straight or not.

Indeed, your transfer to your sponsors second company was not at your request but his decision, so he can’t use it against you that you did not provide three years straight service to him and hence will not grant you a release.

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This news has been read 18138 times!

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