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Arabs and conspiracy theory (Part 2)

IN THE article written by Mohammad Al-Hashmi for the news website “Shafaf”, he wondered about the role played by Arab leaders during the period that determined the destiny of the entire Arab world. There is no doubt that such a role was nil, as their abilities are very low compared …

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Arabs and conspiracy theory

MOHAMMAD Al-Hashmi wrote an extended article for the news website “Shafaf”, explaining the international circumstances that led to the issuance of the Belfour Declaration. I will try to summarize the article and give my comment in brief. Al-Hashmi said the declaration was issued due to many reasons but did not …

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AIC head stresses importance of court in settling Arab ‘disputes’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 29, (KUNA): President of the Arab Investment Court (AIC) and vice president of Kuwait’s Court of Appeals Essam Al-Sadani has underlined the key role of AIC in settling disputes in Arab countries. This came in a press statement made by Al-Sadani on Saturday on the occasion of …

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Persian, Zionist and Ottoman triangle of evil

WE have been concerned about three issues throughout the past years — the forces of Iranian Revolutionary Guard that have been flowing continuously into Syria and Iraq, the escalating Israeli tyranny over Palestinians and occasional Israeli airstrikes against Syria, and the entry of Turkish forces to Iraq. The proverb, “We …

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