Othman Al-Shatti: Theater, the messenger of important messages

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Othman Al-Shatti next to the cabinet of awards and honors.

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 26, (Agencies): Al-Shatti, speaking to a local daily, emphasized the importance of theater as a voice for truth and a powerful platform for artists to express the concerns of society and our Arab nation. He explained how theater sheds light on humanitarian issues through its characters, dialogues, and the symbolism presented in some plays. Al-Shatti stated, “In many of my works, I address human conditions and the plight of war-affected children. Some people ask me, ‘Why don’t you create light-hearted works without these serious issues?’ I reply that this is the reality, and if we don’t address it, ‘we won’t be doing any good as artists.’ We carry a meaningful message, and it must reach everyone.”

When asked about his current achievements, Al-Shatti, who has been sharing photos next to the trophies and honors he has received, said, “I started writing articles and essays in 2004, and then I ventured into theater in 2012. It is wonderful to see the fruits of my labor over the years reflected in the awards and honors I’ve received, which serve as motivation for me to continue. The upcoming period holds a number of artistic projects across the Gulf region, and I am proud of all that I have achieved. I hope my pen always serves as a good ambassador for my beloved Kuwait, as well as for myself and my family.”

Regarding his upcoming projects, Al-Shatti explained that he will be heading to the United Arab Emirates in the near future to participate in the “Dubai Youth Theater Festival” with his play “Salih for Life,” which he authored. The play is directed by Yassin bin Saleh and features a cast of talented young actors. It delves into the journey of a person from birth to death and explores whether life is a choice or destiny. Following that, he will travel to the “Dan International Festival” in the Sultanate of Oman, where he will conduct a workshop for children and students on writing, as well as participate in the children’s theater competition with the play “The Rabbits,” directed by Badr Al-Shuaibi. “The Rabbits” has successfully staged more than 100 shows in Kuwait and the Gulf.

Al-Shatti continued, “In early November, I will be in Bahrain to participate in the Bahrain Theater Festival with a play titled ‘Bodies and Colors,’ directed by Hassan Al-Marzouqi, for the ‘First Theater’ troupe. I am honored to be part of this production, which discusses the relationship between the actor and the audience. We hope for success. I have other commitments in December, including a children’s play in the United Arab Emirates and my participation in the Kuwait Theater Festival with the Kuwaiti Theater troupe in a play called ‘Duck the Plane,’ directed by Mohammed Al-Ansari.”

He also mentioned that in November, he will present a popular play titled “Back to School,” which he authored, and directed by Abdulrahman Al-Hazeem, with a cast of stars including Hind Al-Baloushi, Mai Al-Baloushi, and Abdullah Haitham. The play is family-oriented and carries a beautiful educational message. In addition, he has a musical children’s play in Qatar titled “We Have Ambitions,” featuring Jouri Al-Baoun and Huda Al-Ayoub, and it will also be performed in the UAE. This production, which has enjoyed success in Kuwait and is currently on a Gulf tour, aims to offer quality entertainment for families.

This news has been read 778 times!

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