Monday , September 24 2018


The ‘too’ good Azmis

‘Need more like you’ As I entered the big house and headed straight into the music room and into the vast inside, where we met every Wednesday evening, my ears could catch the well-known melodies of the great Chopin. I would then imagine the great European musician sitting behind the …

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‘Sea of Nizar’ & charities

‘End suffering’ ‘If I knew that love was very dangerous, I would not have loved,” said Nizar Qabbani in his masterpiece The Message from Underwater. If I knew the sea was too deep, I would have never sailed. I would say that if I had known that the charity had …

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Workers performing service without sponsor’s permission violates ‘law’

KUWAIT CITY, June 26: Legally, employees are not allowed to perform services for companies other than their sponsor. If your sponsor learns that you are working for another company then they can fire you and/or report you to the labor department. In addition to an employee being in violation of …

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‘We were once the size’

There is a saying which is attributed to Dr Mustafa Mahmoud that the greatest achievement made by the underdeveloped countries is that they managed to convince their people that reaching the soccer World Cup is a great achievement and that the failure of education and health is something normal. Qualification …

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Houthi on Karadžic track

INTERNATIONAL justice is usually slow because it is subject to the countries’ positions on military conflicts, but the hand of justice eventually catches up with those who committed crimes against humanity. Therefore, anyone who thinks that Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, together with the leaders of killing and terror gangs, will escape justice …

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When logic’s missing

‘Catastrophe’ The National Union of Kuwaiti Students was established more than half a century ago and for a very long time remained without any declaration or legal cover. It may continue to remain so. However, throughout its history National Union for Kuwaiti Students has enjoyed remarkable government patronage, included the …

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Sea charts a course through the soul of Kuwait

The nowakhtha, as merchant shipmasters in Kuwait were called in the end of the 19th century, held positions of high status in society. The government maintained accurate records of boats sailing in Kuwaiti territorial waters, along with the details of their owners, the merchandise carried and the times it was …

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Congratulations to Kuwaiti graduates!

As the academic year draws to a close, I want to congratulate students graduating from US universities— Alf mabrook, Class of 2018!  And congratulations to the parents who encouraged and supported you throughout your academic career and helped you reach this point. You earned what you have accomplished. I like …

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Palestinian leaders source of affliction; they lost the land … sold their people

WHEN failures engulf the most rightful case in the world, it is a no brainer for them to end in failure. This applies to the Palestinian case in which the elites have been the source of the affliction of their people throughout the past century, starting with how they dealt …

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Yemen graveyard for Iranian expansionism

WHEN the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fought the Houthis who turned against the Gulf Cooperation Council’s settlement of the Yemeni crisis and started to invade the remaining Yemeni areas, a group of people claiming to have good intentions emerged and agreed in one voice. This …

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