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Release & Transfer for locally hired before one year for university graduates

I would like to know whether it is possible to transfer the work permit of a locally employed engineer before completion of 1 year’s service if the company terminates the employment. Also I wish to know if the such a transfer is possible when a locally hired employee (engineering graduate) …

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Company forcing to transfer during notice period

I was terminated by my company on June 30, 2016, and after I signed my termination paper, the employee relations officer informed me that I had only 1 month to provide them a transfer request from another company and if I failed to submit any transfer request after 1 month …

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Doctor wants to transfer different hospital before completing 3 yrs of service

Thanks for the highly valuable community service through your columns! Your contribution has been helping hundreds of people. This question is for a friend of mine. He is a qualified doctor, working for a private, established hospital. He has been working in Kuwait for the last 9 months, and was …

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Company holding transfer papers

I have been working in Kuwait for the last 5.5 years. My profession is engineer. After working three years in the first company I had transferred to another company. Now in this company I worked 2.5 years and resigned because I have another better opportunity. I am on the notice …

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Transfer to new company before completing one year

I am a Mechanical Engineer, and have recently joined a trading company — on Jan 24, 2016 — as a Sales Manager (position as on Istimara – work permit). I was hired on the company’s visa from India. Because of some reason, I had to quit this company, last date …

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Transfer visa

From April 2007, I have been working in Kuwait for a private company. My residency is on an Article 18 project visa, that project has already been completed, but due to some problems my residence has not yet been transferred to any other project. Currently I am only a temporary …

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