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I am an IT expert who is working for Ministry of Health through a contractor. I have been working in this company for about one and half years. They forced me to switch my residency under their name (as it is the only legal way) and I did so, last year.

Their contract with MoH was renewed last July but till last month (February 4th) I had no residency. Two months earlier I notified them about the expiry time of my residency but they failed to do and after many follow ups they asked me for KD 350. It is more than one month that I am on Article 14 and they say this cost is because of changing contract and it should be paid by the employee, otherwise they will not proceed with work permit process.

Here in MoH, there are other employees who are working through other companies and claim that they never paid such an amount. My question is if this cost is on the company or the employee? If it is company, while they are not proceeding for my work permit what can I do?

Name withheld

Answer: There are times that one must be pragmatic in dealing with others especially when one finds himself at the weaker end of the equation. The company people are saying that pay KD 350 otherwise they will not proceed with the work permit process. It will therefore be in your interest to pay the amount to get your residency stamped and then handle the issue of whether it is you or the company that is legally bound to pay the amount. Our experience however tells us that there are many payments that employers are mandated to pay on behalf of their employees but they pass on these payments to the employees with no action taken against them. In short even if the company is the one to pay the amount and it says it pay there is every little that you can do except to pay and make sure that your residence permit is processed. Let pragmatism be your watchword vis-a-vis your current situation.

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This news has been read 35090 times!

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