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Wednesday , November 21 2018

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Terminated from job for being absent for 7 days

I was terminated from my company due to being absent for 7 days. And I want to go for emergency vacation since my mother is sick, can that happen? Answer: If the termination of your appointment has been followed with the cancellation of your residency, then you can only leave …

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Terminated from job

I am an Indian & joined a company in Kuwait on employment visa from 28th April 2018 & since then I am working. Now I got termination letter from my employer as on Sept 1, 2018 with a notice period of 3 months stating that the last working day would …

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Hired locally terminated within a 1 year – Can I transfer residency?

I have a question about residency transfer. I am new here in Kuwait in a private company and because of reorganization, they terminated my service with a three months notice and told me to find job and they will give transfer. Is it possible even I did not reach 1 …

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Company closing due to financial and family issues

I am an Indian engineer now working in a private trading company in Kuwait. I have seen few articles by you on the labour law clarification in newspapers and hence I seek your kind advice on my below issues. I have been working in this private company since April 2010 …

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Final settlement for termination

I joined my present company on March 8, 2016 on a project visa. My residency valid for 3 years till March 8, 2019. I received the termination letter on Nov 19, and end date is Nov 30. I have accepted the same; please let me know what the final settlement …

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Company has no plan to renew residence – Temporary residence stamped by the company

I am an accountant currently working in Kuwait for the last two years. At joining time there was a contract for 2 years and after that as per mutual agreement (written in contract paper). This October I completed my 2-year contract and the company has stamped 3 months extension in …

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Terminated – 3 mnts notice given, can I work at new company?

My services have been terminated by my company and have been issued a termination letter with 3 months notice. Now I’ve got a new job offer and they want me to join within a month; can I join the new employer immediately given this situation? Kindly advise. Name withheld Answer: …

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Right to Terminate employee service – Kuwait Labor Law

I have been working for a private education company in Kuwait for about 2 years. I am currently experiencing issues with the micro-management style of my employer and I am highly vocal about it. Recently, I was asked by the unit master to offer my resignation or I might be …

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Terminated before 3 yrs of service – Can I transfer

Before, I was working in another company with non-transferable visa. Now my current company provided me a new visa (transferable) and I was hired abroad but due to some reason I faced termination before completing 3 years with current employer. So in this case of termination do I have the …

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Ministry of Information saved more than KD 7m after 1,000 employees axed

KUWAIT CITY, July 10: Ministry of Information says it has saved more than KD 7 million after ending the services of 1,000 employees who were working on allowance basis. This followed the decision taken by the concerned authorities to suspend a number of technicians and engineers working in Kuwait TV …

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