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Previous company giving better opportunity can I join back?

Reference to the above I would like to know whether it is possible for me to transfer to a new employer with the following details as shown below: Arrived in Kuwait during 2014 and got transferred to a new employer during June 2017. I have received a better opportunity from …

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Code 71 expats to be given 60-day grace period – Legalise stay or face violations committee

KUWAIT CITY, May 6: Files that have been blocked by code 71 will be referred for investigations to the concerned committee in Ministry of Interior, reports Arab Times daily quoting a source from Public Authority for Manpower. He explained that expatriate workers registered under those files will be given a …

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Transfer of residence

I have a question regarding my residence transfer. I joined a company in November and they transferred my residence during my probation period there, within the probation period they decided to terminate my services and I got a new job immediately. My current company says they will transfer my residence …

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Transfer of wife’s residence from Father to Husband

Hi there I am a bit confused of your advices to some people in regards of transferring their wives’ residence. I am attaching a copy of those answers which I have taken from the web. Kindly advise. My wife is currently staying in Kuwait on her dad’s residence. Now she …

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Residence transfer from company to company

I have been working in a construction international company in Kuwait for the past four and half years. They have now given me a release to transfer to another company. And I have got a good offer from the company. My question is, is it possible to transfer my residence …

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Hospital forcing me to transfer residence within one month

I’m from Romania. I work in a local hospital as a technician and have completed my 3-year contract. The hospital has decided not to renew my contract, and the last day will be Dec 25, 2016. My passport will expire in 2020, while my residence will expire on 13-8-2017. Now …

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