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Monday , November 19 2018

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Hired locally terminated within a 1 year – Can I transfer residency?

I have a question about residency transfer. I am new here in Kuwait in a private company and because of reorganization, they terminated my service with a three months notice and told me to find job and they will give transfer. Is it possible even I did not reach 1 …

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3 years mandatory service for sponsor who brought you to Kuwait applicable to all

I came to Kuwait 9 months before as Technician on Visa 18. I am having Bachelor’s Degree. I would like to know if my visa can be transferred upon completion of 1 year in current company if my current sponsor is ready to release me. I heard from a Representative …

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Transfer of residence for locally hired and hired from abroad

I am 2 years in my company and I am planning to submit my resignation. Am I eligible to get a release from them if I get a job from another company? Name withheld Answer: If you were hired locally, you are qualified to get a release from the company. …

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Residence still with previous company, can I resign from new company?

Thanks for your education on legal matters. My question is I joined a company last December but my iqama is still with my previous company. I didn’t sign any contract with the new company. As I want to quit my new job, are any legal formalities needed? Can my new …

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Previous company giving better opportunity can I join back?

Reference to the above I would like to know whether it is possible for me to transfer to a new employer with the following details as shown below: Arrived in Kuwait during 2014 and got transferred to a new employer during June 2017. I have received a better opportunity from …

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Resigned from company still not found job – Residence transfer issue

I had resigned from my current company in February 2017 as I had got an offer from another company and had to join there within a month, but my boss didn’t release me and told me to complete my resignation period of 3 months and which I did. Now it …

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Local transfer for those not completed 3 yrs of service – Hired from abroad

I am an engineering graduate and got hired in a private sector organization and completed 2 years of service. I am staying with family now and our company issued a termination notice of 3 months. Designation is updated as electrician on my residence stamp in passport. Question 1: If I …

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Code 71 expats to be given 60-day grace period – Legalise stay or face violations committee

KUWAIT CITY, May 6: Files that have been blocked by code 71 will be referred for investigations to the concerned committee in Ministry of Interior, reports Arab Times daily quoting a source from Public Authority for Manpower. He explained that expatriate workers registered under those files will be given a …

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Transfer of residence

I have a question regarding my residence transfer. I joined a company in November and they transferred my residence during my probation period there, within the probation period they decided to terminate my services and I got a new job immediately. My current company says they will transfer my residence …

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Transfer of wife’s residence from Father to Husband

Hi there I am a bit confused of your advices to some people in regards of transferring their wives’ residence. I am attaching a copy of those answers which I have taken from the web. Kindly advise. My wife is currently staying in Kuwait on her dad’s residence. Now she …

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