Visa Transfer: Proposed Changes and Exemptions

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 4: The Ministry of Interior is currently evaluating the impact of halting the transfer of residency for expats in the government sector (Article 17) to the private sector (Article 18). This decision affects a significant number of expatriates employed across various Kuwait Ministries.

A proposed vision has been submitted to the Ministry, outlining controls and procedures associated with this decision. The vision explores the potential exclusion of certain categories from the prohibition on transferring from Article 17 to Article 18.

As per sources, the suggested categories for exemption from the transfer ban include the expat wife, husband, and children of Kuwaiti citizens, as well as foreign residents holding Palestinian documents.

The vision also considers exceptions for expat who previously held residency under Article 18, allowing their conversion to Article 17, provided they are below 55 years of age, and their employment in the private sector aligns with their prior government sector work.

Furthermore, discussions are ongoing regarding a proposed exception to the transfer ban for expats who initially held residency under Article 22 (Dependent / Family Visa) and later converted to Article 17 (government sector). These considerations are subject to further research and may be implemented following approval from senior leadership within the ministry.

This news has been read 13259 times!

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