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‘Learn from thy enemy’ – ‘Shun racism, sectarianism’

India, and certainly the United States or America, has one of the world’s most diverse religions, sects, faiths and languages. In an article written by Saudi colleague Fahad Al-Ahmad said in America alone, which is the main destination for migrants and the oppressed, thousands of religions and sects are recognized …

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‘All same in God’s world’ – Racism and stupidity

Ruling regimes, groups or individuals believe in racial or ethnic discrimination in order to distinguish themselves from others, if for reasons of biological, cultural, political, tribal, religious or otherwise. Hitler was a racist, because he believed in the supremacy of the Aryan race (the gifted race among others) such as …

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Their racism is punishable … ours is hushed

BRITAIN’S series, “Coronation Street,” is the longest-running British soap aired by a British TV public channel. I was surprised to find out that this series is still going on, because I followed many of its episodes when I studied in Britain in the 1970s. Recently, the series caused an uproar …

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