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The various … abhorrent faces of racism

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Sometimes, I wonder if we are racists and if we do not accept others. Do we actually discriminate people on the basis of religion, ethnicity and skin color? Do we claim civility and open-mindedness while at the same time we lie to ourselves and are the first to believe in the lie, or we just flatter and not lie?

In reality, we are drenched with racism even if we claim otherwise. This is what one of my friends said; but I do not believe him even though I partially agree with him in various aspects.

We should not forget the fact that there is a major mix-up in the concept of taking pride over religion, ethnicity or skin color. This kind of pride is acceptable and has nothing to do with racism or discrimination.

There are various scientific definitions for racism. Among those I read is the one that says, “Racism is the belief, conviction and behavior that all members of a certain race possess characteristics, abilities or qualities that distinguish them from another race, which in this case is deemed inferior”. These characteristics could be the result of hereditary aspects linked to people’s capabilities, behaviors or traditions. Sometimes it depends on skin color or culture, or religious and social heritage.

This means racism has various faces, and each face is uglier than the other even though it might be difficult to see and perceive this.

All religions and creeds fight and shun racism; but it is not strange at all to find the believers of such religions and creeds practicing contrary to the principles and beliefs of their religion.

I am not exonerating anyone even though there are moderate people among the racists. I am talking about the evil ones whose deeds contradict their words.

This article will not be a lecture on history; hence, I will not narrate historical events depicting racism. Those who want to benefit more from this should use the search engines on the Internet or read history books which are awash with stories on racism prevalent since the beginning of creation, through the medieval age, to the contemporary and modern history.

It is safe to say that the solution lies in the objectivity of dealing with this issue, given that racism only promotes hatred and misery.

Racism is not linked to the sense of honor and zeal; instead, it is one among the elements of pride and responsibility. When a person has a sense of honor towards his family, religion or country in a responsible manner, would that be labeled as racism?

When you browse through the pages of history, you would find that countries and nations that shunned racism and discrimination are advanced in various aspects, which is contrary to the countries that suffer from the illness of racism and discrimination.

When it comes to dealing with others, it should be based on humanity and objectivity, which represents the first step for the advancement of a nation. In fact, the advancement of a nation is measured based on its social infrastructure, which plays a role in developing cultural perceptions that are inherited via generations.

One of these perceptions is that the nation is for everyone who is sincere about it and works for its good, and fulfills all rights and duties in the best possible manner. It is not for racists who tailor allegiance through discrimination based on same people or same country.

This is what majority of the Third World countries suffer from. It is possible for such countries to fall into the Fourth World category. I do not believe such countries will ever develop even by an inch if they continue with abhorred racist tendencies that have become outdated. May Almighty Allah protect us from the evil of racism and discrimination!.

There are always some radiant models who instil in us the hope that humanity, and good and kind manners still exist. In the United States of America, particularly in the State of New York, there is a young, active and well-mannered man of Arab ethnicity named “Mina Mikhael” who works in one of the hospitals.

This humble and kind person provides medical services to the sick irrespective of their ethnicity and nationality. I believe such a person should serve as an example and inspiration to others of the same ethnicity especially when dealing with the sick in a manner that is deemed professional.

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“How wonderful it is to be the person who makes others smile whenever their name is mentioned” – American writer Mark Twain (1835-1910).

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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