When will racism at Kuwait Airport end?

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 20: The state airport is the first facility on which the eyes of those coming to the country capture the essence of the general culture of the country from which you generally know how civilized it is. Hence people from the civilized world are very much interested in the airport not only in terms of modernizing the infrastructure of the building but also services, duty free shops, cafes, restaurants etc. Civilized behavior with the travelers by airport staff who deal in courteous manner with arrivals and departures often give a good image to the country.

Sincere Kuwaiti citizens have been calling out for developments and airports to restart,  but surprisingly the situation remains the same at Kuwait International Airport which has developed a habit of delaying decisions reports Al Qabas. There is no qualified team which can bring smiles on arrivals and departures with their courteous manners but rather we see gloomy faces and absence of civilized behavior during completion of arrivals and departures procedures.  

What is happening at Kuwait Airport summarizes many of the problems resulting from the mistreatment of travelers, quarrels that occur from time to time in the arrival and departure halls and treatment according to nationality, language, destination, such  uncivilized considerations does not befit the image of Kuwait at all.

In past incidents of racism at the Kuwait International Airport by some uncivilized airport employees have been published. Such behavior negatively affects a country’s reputation and distorts its culture. Nothing has changed since then except development in infrastructure as per the development plan laid by the government. 

The closure of the airport due to the Coronavirus pandemic came as a golden opportunity for officials to implement an intensive plan to give trainning for workers on hospitality, but this did not happen.

The buildings are lustrous and modern, but the behavior is repulsive by some employees, and this contradicts the country’s plan to transform into a financial and commercial center. To transform the country into a tourist destination requires a traditional approach in dealing, services, procedures and the rehabilitation of a trained cadre of workers in various aspects of the airport whether in the stamping of passports upon arrival and departure, or facilities in the various halls and places.

Many travelers asked “Why are smiles are absent from the faces of most airport workers, and why do they treat expats cruelly? Is it appropriate for an employee whom you meet on first entrance of the state, he is supposed to be diplomatic, open-minded and civilized due to the nature of his work. But instead they treat travelers according to their nationality clothing what they wear, general appearance of the person, the destination of travel and the airline which they travel.

Some negative treatment faced by the travelers include speaking in a loud voice or shouting at the travelers, especially at Asians where most of them do not understand Arabic and sometimes English.

The airports of neighboring countries receive travelers with flowers and smiles in addition to smooth  procedures, where you soon feel that Kuwait airport lacks such high-end civilized methods where impression remains on travelers mind especially those who come to Kuwait on commercial, tourism, social reasons.

Many times quarrels which have taken place for departures due to inappropriate treatment have ended up in cancellation of travel over simple trivial reasons instead of showing some flexibility.

However uncivilized treatment by employees not only expats face but also Kuwaiti citizens who often face bullying for various reasons. Value of ethics completely lacks among some employees who are unaware that he works in a position that is considered as a civilized face of the country.

Travelers who have noticed such behavior have often asked why the concerned authorities do not seek foreign expertise to train the airport workers in hospitality service so that the impression of travelers will improve. Unfortunately there is no law in the legislation that protects from bullying by the employees or travelers.

This news has been read 371636 times!

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