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Monday , November 12 2018

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Europe’s Muslim population to grow

Greece moves asylum-seekers from Lesbos to mainland PARIS, Nov 30, (Agencies): Muslims could make up over 11 percent of Europe’s population in the coming decades, compared with just under 5 percent currently, if legal migration levels are maintained, a report by a US-based think tank said Thursday. The Pew Research …

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Many Muslims ‘dismay’ at Trump win – New US president seen as hostile figure

JAKARTA/ISLAMABAD/CAIRO, Nov 9, (Agencies): Many Muslims around the world expressed dismay on Wednesday at Donald Trump’s election as US president, saying they feared it might raise tensions between the West and Islam and contribute to radicalisation. While Egypt’s president made an early congratulatory call to Trump, ordinary Muslims were worried …

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Muslims are first ‘victims’ of terrorism: Moroccan minister

BRUSSELS, Sept 8, (Agencies): The first victims of terrorism are Muslims themselves, Moroccan Interior Minister Mohamed Hassad told the European Parliament here Wednesday night. “Virtually every day there is a terrorist attack in the Muslim world. Maybe it doesn’t get into the press. But every time there is an issue …

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‘Family planning not for Muslims’ – Erdogan often annoys feminists

ISTANBUL, June 1, (AFP): Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that family planning and contraception were not for Muslim families, in his latest comments promoting population growth that angered women’s activists. Erdogan said it was the responsibility of mothers to ensure the continued growth of Turkey’s population, which …

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Muslim new London mayor – Sadiq Khan vows to take on extremists

LONDON, May 6, (Agencies): Sadiq Khan, the son of a bus driver, became London’s first Muslim mayor on Friday, seeing off a Conservative challenger who attempted to link him to extremism and securing a much-needed victory for his opposition Labour Party. As New York mayor Bill de Blasio sent his …

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BJP to strip Muslim immigrants of vote – India, Bahrain agree on action to curb human trafficking

JALESWAR, India, March 11, (RTRS): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party has vowed to disenfranchise millions of Muslim immigrants in a volatile frontier state, waging a polarising election campaign in a bid to form its first government there. In campaign rallies in the remote state of Assam, officials …

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‘War games to boost military ties with Muslim allies’ – Northern Thunder exercises

RIYADH, Feb 22, (Agencies): The Middle East’s largest ever war games are now underway and will boost military cooperation between the 20 Muslim nations taking part, host country Saudi Arabia said on Monday, as it seeks to check the growing influence of arch rival Iran. The Northern Thunder exercises, which …

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‘Muslim states should fix Islam’s public image’

TEHRAN, Dec 27, (AFP): Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday said that Muslim countries should strive to improve the world’s opinion of Islam. “We must remove Islam’s negative image from today’s cyber and real space,” he said in Tehran at an international conference on “The Islamic World’s Current Crisis”. Most …

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‘Muslims only must address cultural problems, extremism’ – West ‘divided’ on terrorism

It is obvious that some of the secular Western intelligentsia continue to fluctuate in their opinions regarding terrorism. In fact, part of the secular Western mind continually appears to maintain a politically correct intellectual approach toward the violence of terrorism: for example, some Western intellectuals seem to insist on separating …

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Crackdown on Muslims fuels exodus to IS

KOMSOMOLSKOYE, Russia, Nov 25, (AP): Security forces in Russia’s southernmost republic of Dagestan keep devout Muslims under surveillance, routinely raid their homes and haul them to police stations to give DNA samples and fingerprints. So it was no surprise to many in the village of Komsomolskoye that Rashid Magomedov fled …

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