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We are always talking about the numbers of Muslims and how they became more than a billion and a half as if this finally means something that brings a sense of shame because most of these people belong to downtrodden and backward countries – economically, materially, technically and scientifically.

If we compare this number to seven million Israelis, we will find that they, without exaggeration, outperform this billion and a half people in everything and I hope that no one who does not understand it will come out to deny this fact.

It is painful that this number is less important and means nothing when we look at the balance of world powers. The figure is incorrect from the perspective of each class, group, sect and doctrine.

Is there any agreement that the 400 million Shiites, for example, are part of the billion and a half? If the answer is “yes”, why not be recognized on this basis? If the answer is “No” (which is often the case) how are they counted within the total number of Muslims, and so is the case with the other sects – Ibadi, Ahmadiyya, Ismailia, Zaydiyah, Bohra, Druze, and Alawite, not to mention the Sufis who exceed 300 million.

This is in addition to others who do not recognize any other groups, add to this the infidels, heretics, atheists, skeptics, foundlings, homosexuals, communists, liberals and nationalists who are considerable in numbers. Therefore all this empty boasting of the large number of Muslims does not and will not mean anything.

When there is a war, for example, between Muslims – whatever the group or sect they belong to – and infidels, heretics and atheists, a group or groups of Muslims will stand with the infidels and heretics and atheists especially that all of them already are in a deplorable condition.

If we go to countries especially in the rural areas of Africa, China, Pakistan, India and Indonesia, we find Islam in each of them tailored to size in accordance with the old rituals, so the real number of Muslims is unknown due to the absence of the measuring instrument agreed by all that determines who is the true Muslim.

It will then be seen that the number, in any case, is not as many as some of the naïve among us think, and what applies to Muslims applies with the same strength and perhaps more to the followers of all religions of the earth, especially Christianity which is divided into hundreds of churches. There is no silent Christian bloc, no unified Muslim bloc.

A former colleague commented on the number of Muslims by saying that any harm to any of the symbols of Islam will find someone crying: “How dare you hurt the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims? And will later consider 90% of Muslims as infidels. This is the opposite of what was followed when Islam was in its infancy.

Muslims were demanding the infidels to enter Islam and now they are in a race to ‘kick’ the Muslims out of Islam because they see them as infidels. It is repeated many times in the media and sometimes in some articles that there are seven or eight families alone in Kuwait that take up 80% or more of the income of the State through tenders and their agencies, and this is absolutely inaccurate.

The recurrence of the names of a family in a number of tenders does not necessarily mean they belong to the same family or that they have affection and cooperation, and the opposite may be closer to accuracy.

The seizure of a large percentage of the wealth of a country by a group of families is normal in some or all capitalist countries and the issue is addressed by taxation. The income tax in Kuwait is not applicable to the poor or to the rich, and anyone can become rich in Kuwait. There are thousands of examples and I wrote about that in more than one article and from my personal experiences and the experiences of others.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf
email: [email protected]

This news has been read 15663 times!

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