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Monday , November 12 2018

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Iraq to return TV, radio archives to Kuwait

Kuwaiti envoy urges Kuwaiti-German trade increase BAGHDAD, Nov 8: Iraqi Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Hazem Al- Yousefi informed Kuwait’s Ambassador in Baghdad, Salem Al-Zamanan, of the transfer scheduled next week, read a ministry statement. Baghdad took the move in the wake of its commitment to enhancing bilateral relations, mainly in the …

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Americans not informed Kuwait about extent of radiation used during the Iraqi invasion

Vital to review conditions of Doha Port KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2: Former dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Kuwait University Prof. Faisal Al-Sharifi stressed that the Americans so far have not informed Kuwait about the extent of radiation they used during the Iraqi invasion, wondering if the Americans …

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Sides work through pain of invasion – Still burying the hatchet

KUWAIT EXTENDS SUPPORT TO HELP IRAQ REACH TRUE POTENTIAL KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1, (KUNA): The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, which occurred 28 years ago on Aug 2, 1990, has reshaped relations amongst countries in the region, causing material and moral damages still felt to this day. Despite the horrific event, …

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Cardi’s ‘Invasion’ fierce, personal – Singers reimagine John hits on 2 albums

NEW YORK, April 7, (AP): The anticipation around Cardi B’s debut album has been scorching hot, so when breakthrough artist finally debuted the full album, she told the DJ to make sure the sound level was perfect. “DJ, make it a little loud ’cause I don’t feel it in my …

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Kuwaitis believed in GCC importance during the Iraqi invasion: Al-Ghanim – Lessons to be taught from aggression anniversary: Sheikh Talal

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 3, (KUNA): The National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim said Wednesday that keeping faith in the importance and effectiveness of the GCC system was one of the most significant lessons learnt during the Iraqi invasion of the country in 1990. The Kuwaitis became more conscious and aware of …

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Invasion Iraqi, not Saddami

‘In politics, there are no permanent enemies or friends, only permanent interests’: Winston Churchill By Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi Looking at history, credibility of historical tales, the responsibilities of historians and integrity of historiography, we must call a spade a spade. The issue has nothing to do with enmity or peace, …

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Kuwait marks 27th ’versary of Iraq’s 1990 brutal invasion – Kuwaitis stood by the side of their legitimate leadership to defend nation

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1, (KUNA): Kuwait marks today, Aug 2, the 27th anniversary of the Iraqi 1990 brutal invasion, that severely and harshly sought to efface the identity of the country. Since the early hours of the invasion, the Kuwaiti government and people utterly rejected the flagrant aggression, and Kuwaitis, …

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