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Special contract

One of my friends, who had been working for another ministry before transferring to the private section some years ago, recently got an offer from the Ministry of Defense and he has signed a contract which says no end of service gratuity. He got his indemnity from the previous ministry …

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Indemnity case won but company shut down

I had filed a case against my employer which happens to be a private limited company for non-payment of indemnity, which was due to me when I resigned. By Allah’s grace and thanks to my lawyer’s efforts, I got the judgement in my favor wherein the company had to pay …

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Indemnity Calculation for 11 years service

I request you to provide me the indemnity calculation ( as I have resigned) for the period of service mentioned below along with the other details. Date of joining: 08/10/2004 Date of resignation: 29/10/2015 Last working day: 29/01/2016 Total service: 11 years, 3 months, 3 weeks You are requested to …

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18 years service maximum payment of Indemnity

Need your expert legal advice on how to proceed with the following matter. I have been in employment with my current company since 1982. The company, however, says that a total of only 18 years service will be calculated as far as indemnity is concerned. They have not taken into …

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Termination without reason

I would like to share my case for which I need your valuable opinion. I have just been terminated and given an official discontinuation of services letter with a notice period of 3 months. Will I be entitled to a termination fee? … besides the indemnity, because my employer terminated …

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Monetary issues

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times Legal Clinic and want to thank the paper for the valuable clarifications. I have the following two questions: 1. We are working for a security company. As per our contract, we have to perform 48 hours duty in a week (208 …

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Indemnity issue

I came to Kuwait through a company and am working as a Software Architect for one of the ministries in Kuwait. My company is paying me my indemnity every month as part of my salary so now if my salary is KD 600 they say KD 550 is the salary …

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Management says ‘shops and establishment category are not entitled for Indemnity’

I worked in a company mainly dealing with imported foods from world over from June 2007 to April 2015 before I resigned from this firm. The company transferred a fixed amount as salary through the bank and paid the difference in the salary and allowances in cash during my tenure …

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5 years service – Indemnity calculation ( 11 months leave taken in 5 years)

I have been working in an engineering & construction company as a supervisor in Kuwait since July 15, 2011. My salary is 300+27 KD. Now I want to resign from my service after 15 July, 2016,after completion of five years with the firm. Can I get 5 years benefit? During …

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Indemnity in ministry

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times… could you please answer my queries on the following subject. I have been working with a ministry, in an office job, for the last 7 years on a second contract. If I resign by end of this year, how much will …

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