KD 78 million set as indemnity for expatriate teachers

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2: The Civil Service Commission has transferred end-of-service benefits for expatriate teachers to the concerned departments in the Ministry of Education, for which 78 million dinars have been allocated for fiscal 2021-2022, reports Al-Rai daily. An educational source told the daily, “the approved budget is an estimate according to the number of expected resignations, and the lists of those covered by compulsory retirement and annual replacement, and that it is subject to increase if necessary.”

The source explained that the CSC has not yet determined the number of suspended jobs in the Ministry of Education for the new fiscal year, but it is unlikely that they will include educational jobs, as the ratio of Kuwaiti teachers to expatriates currently ranges from 72.5% compared to 27.5%, (63,955 male and female teachers are citizens and 24,393 non-citizens, with a total of 88,348).

Meanwhile, the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Education are working on completing the procedures for appointing educational cadres based on the specializations required to meet the needs of schools in preparation for the next school year 2022/2023, reports Aljarida daily. According to educational sources, the Ministry of Education has finally announced the specializations it requires for local and foreign contracts. The number of locally and internationally hired teachers working in public schools is 84,125 teachers in various disciplines.

According to the latest statistics by the Ministry of Education, the number of kindergarten teachers is 7,170. The number of primary school teachers is 30,377 female teachers and 2,228 male teachers. In intermediate schools, the number of male teachers reached 10,749, while the number of female teachers is 15,592. The number of secondary school teachers is 10,739, including 7,273 male teachers in various disciplines. The total number of male teachers in all academic levels is 20,247, and the total number of female teachers is 63,878, bringing the overall total to 84,125 male and female teachers.

The percentage of Kuwaiti teachers amounted to 73.3 percent, and the percentage of non- Kuwaiti teachers stood at 26.7 percent. In addition, the sources said they expect the ministry will appoint at least 700 new teachers to fill the shortage in various academic disciplines for the next academic year, especially with the possibility of opening about 16 new schools. The Ministry of Education announced its need for male and female teachers for the academic year 2022-2023. They must hold university qualifications to work in public education schools in the disciplines of English, French, mathematics, science, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, philosophy and interior design for male teachers, and English and mathematics, physics and music for female teachers

This news has been read 20264 times!

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