Abu Murad and press house

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Abu Murad, who is seventy years old, worked in Kuwait before the invasion, and stayed there during its great ordeal, and after liberation he joined a “well-known press house”, in a modest job, with a more modest salary, and continued his hard work until the newspaper was closed under administrative orders.

Abu Murad depended for his living on his simple salary, and the little commission he received after collecting the debts of Al-Dar from others. And when the time came to collect his dues from Al-Dar Press, he did not find anyone to fulfill it.

He has lived in Kuwait with no savings except for his indemnity which he depended upon to support him when he decided to go back home, but in 2015 he and other employees, were surprised by the issuance of a decision to dismiss them without any compensation; end of service or salaries, and told them that the newspaper is not able to pay their dues, and they have no choice but to resort to the judiciary.

Thus, Murad and his colleagues, who were affected by the closure of the institution, resorted to the judiciary, and that cost them a lot of time and effort, and in the end the judgments they had been waiting for, for years were issued.

Abu Murad and his companions accepted the final and irrevocable rulings, and went again to the owners of Al-Dar, demanding the implementation of the verdicts, but they did not receive any cooperation or response, despite their knowledge that the workers’ rights are paid before any rights and do not lapse by statute of limitations, and they are in their custody forever.

For 8 years after the issuance of the court decision in their favor, Abu Murad and his colleagues are still suffering and waiting for their money. Most of them live in very difficult health and financial conditions, and it is very difficult for them to return to their home countries empty-handed, and they are the ones who spent the best part of their lives working with all sincerity and honesty in Kuwait.

I would like to call upon the owners of that press institution to settle the problem of those workers considering the fact that the press institution is known to be super rich and the number of the workers is not big. The indemnity of those workers is nothing compared to the wealth of the institution but it means everything to those workers. Solving their problem will bring happiness to them and to their families.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 16107 times!

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