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Management asking to refund part of salary deposited in bank account

I am really thankful to you, for your guidance provided to all through legal clinic. I joined my company on 16/12/2013, directly from India with a basic salary of KD 600 and KD 100 for car allowance. Out of which only KD 600 deposited regularly in my salary account and …

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Resigning before 3 yrs of service

I am currently working at a retail center since May 2016. I need to know something. My company required notice period of 3 months when someone resigns. If I want to resign in 18 months, I have to give resignation in 15 months right? Sir, can you tell me as …

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Indemnity issue

Dear Sir, A controversial situation has arisen in our company with regard to the indemnity calculations. The company policy being followed is as follows: Upto 5 yrs — 30 days salary per annum; above 5 yrs till 10 yrs — 45 days salary per annum and above 10 yrs — …

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Company paying half indemnity on resigning and half later

My father has been working with a firm in Kuwait for more than 30 years, now he is planning to retire and leave Kuwait, but recently he heard a news that his company is only giving half of the indemnity at the time of resigning and the other half they …

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Annual leave, EOSB calculation plus air ticket included in Indemnity?

I am a regular reader of Arab Times, specially the Legal Clinic and I truly appreciate for the service. In past you have answered my query and I am truly thankful for that. One of my friends worked in a WLL company for five years. Company terminated him. His salary …

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Indemnity Calculation

I have an inquiry regarding indemnity calculation. I’m working with my company since Jan 3, 2011 and I have decided to resign in June 2017. My salary now is KD 366.000 and I will have almost 20 days annual leave as of June 30, 2017. I have decided to stay …

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Indemnity calculation with annual leave

I had an inquiry regarding indemnity calculation but unfortunately I did not receive a reply for my previous mail. My question was as follows: I have been working with my company since Dec 10, 2012 and I placed my resignation in Dec 2016 and the company accepted and gave me …

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Resigned after 3 years – Indemnity & transfer issue

I resigned from my previous company after working for 3 years and 2 months to be exact. I resigned in June this year. I just want to know if it’s possible to get any indemnity?. Now I am having a issue regarding my visa because they told me I have …

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Indemnity calculation

First of all, thank you very much for your good legal advice. My current company has terminated me. My salary is KD 300. I have completed service 8 years and 9 months service. I have 75 days service left, including the notice period. I also have 21 days unpaid leave. …

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Indemnity calculation is based on remuneration received

I was terminated and the company HR told me that the indemnity was to be based on my basic salary only. My basic salary was KD 1441 and I was entitled to get up to KD 500 as a house rent allowance but company paid KD 450 as I produced …

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