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Indemnity calculation is based on remuneration received

I was terminated and the company HR told me that the indemnity was to be based on my basic salary only. My basic salary was KD 1441 and I was entitled to get up to KD 500 as a house rent allowance but company paid KD 450 as I produced …

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Company says will pay indemnity as mention on work permit and not on what is transferred in bank

I am daily reader of the Legal Clinic. I really appreciate the help provided by you on all the legal issues. I am terminated and serving the 3 months’ notice period now. I am regularly being paid KD 1,000 as salary in bank (last 11 months) and my work permit …

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Indemnity after 18 yrs of service

I have completed 18 years with my current employer and am signing a new contract. I want to know what will be my total indemnity based on my KD 500 basic salary. Name withheld Answer: The following is the calculation of your indemnity: Salary: KD 500 Service: 18 years For …

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Indemnity calculation

I will be completing 17 years of employment in April 2017. I would like to submit my resignation in December 2016 with March 28, 2017 being my last working day. My total monthly salary is KD 450, but work permit salary is KD 250 only. I have an increment paper …

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Indemnity for working 3 yrs and below

I am a new reader of the Legal Clinic. Now I am not able to clear my doubts on indemnity, and I need your help in solving my problem. I have been working in a company for 1 year and 9 months and I am about to resign after completing …

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What to do when labor court gives decision in your favor an the company still doesn’t settle your indemnity

My previous company did not pay my indemnity, so I approached the Labor Court and won the case. The company has to pay all the money. The company still has not paid the amount. It is now 4 months. The reason told to me is that the person in charge …

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Indemnity Calculation after resigning

Thank you very much for all the helpful replies and I have been a regular reader of legal clinic. Now I have not able to clear my doubts on indemnity, and I need your helping in solving my problem. I’m working in a company, have completed 7 years, and have …

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Will housing allowance included in my Indemnity payment?

I would like you to compute my indemnity. I am planning to finish my work contract in April 2017. I have been working for 18 years in a private company and my basic salary is KD 435 only and I have a housing allowance of KD 50 only. I just …

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