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Saturday , November 17 2018

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Indemnity calculation – Resigning due to health issues

As I’m in need of your help and guidance, I have read several times with the same issue in your column. Which is so helpful to so many needful expats through The Arab Times English daily newspaper, we’re so grateful to have it. Now I come for the same. As …

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Retiring from Job – Indemnity calculation

As always I seek your advise regarding the subject matter and looking forward your kind reply in order to take up with my office as there are some calculations issue. The details are like this; company has told me to retire now from service and the details are as below: …

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New company formed, residence transferred to new company – Will Indemnity continue?

I would like to ask about my indemnity. I was working in a company for the last 10 years with the company having same issues. So the owner formed a new company and transferred our residence to the new company and I was told salary and contract remained the same. …

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Indemnity and Salary for terminated employee

I have been here in Kuwait for the past 4 years. Have completed my Masters in Business Administration post completion of Graduation Bachelors in Technology (computer science engineer). Would be glad if you could assist me on below scenarios. Have joined a company in August 2017, post probation period my …

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Terminated by company before 1 year – Indemnity issue

I joined a multinational company in Kuwait as sales executive in September 2017. They terminated my contract in May 2018 and my last working day with them was in August after I served the 3 months notice period. Total time with the company is 10 months and 15 days. I …

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Does Private health Insurance, Mobile phone bill, Mobile phone come under Indemnity?

I would be really thankful if you could please help me in providing your valuable legal advice as I have resigned from my current employment after working for 22 plus years. In addition to my monthly salary, I was receiving the following in-kind benefits and would like to know if, …

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Company is telling to say ” Indemnity Received” during cancellation at the Immigration Department

I have worked in a company for 5-1/2 years. The company terminated me giving three months notice period and I served all the three months. Now, I would like to cancel my residence and move to another country. The company is saying it will settle my indemnity after I cancel …

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Amount of indemnity paid to expat staff in KPC, subsidiaries hits KD85m in 5 yrs

KUWAIT CITY, May 28: Statistics released recently by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) revealed that the amount of indemnity given to expatriates employed in the corporation and its subsidiaries reached KD85 million over the last five years, reports Al-Anba daily. Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) recorded …

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Indemnity salary calculation on 26 days not 30 days

I searched the archives but didn’t find this specific question. My school calculates indemnity at 15/30, not 15/26 days for the first 5 years. The English version of the Labor Law (2010) simply says “a fifteenday- wage for every one year of service of the first five years” is to …

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No indemnity for service below 3 yrs

If I resign from my company by end of this month (30/04/2018) with 3 month notice period. There is one day weekly off (without Friday) or daily 1 hour leave from working hour is applicable or not. Same thing if they are terminating me, there is one day weekly off …

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