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Tuesday , November 20 2018

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To prevent Kuwait from falling twice into the Brotherhood trap

AFTER 90 years since the inception of Arab political parties and factions, irrespective of their affiliations and directions, especially the Muslim Brotherhood group, it was understood through experiments that anything these factions adopted and marketed to the masses have resulted in catastrophic outcomes. The outcomes these groups brought to their …

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Brotherhood’s devil in Egypt and Kuwait

WHEN unproductive arguments had overshadowed productive deeds, the Byzantines were caught off guard, which resulted in the fall of their empire. The current situation in the Arab world is not a lot different from that of the Byzantines, especially in countries where parliamentary system prevails such as in Kuwait, Bahrain …

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Trump debate to designate Brotherhood as ‘terrorist’

WASHINGTON, Jan 28, (RTRS): A debate is under way in the Trump administration about whether the United States should declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and subject it to US sanctions, according to US officials and people close to President Donald Trump’s transition team. A faction led by Michael …

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‘Brotherhood’ and Mulla’s patron exits the White House

On Friday, Jan 20, President of the United States of America Barack Obama will exit the White House, leaving behind his country’s miserable legacy in the Middle East. Despite his policies throughout his eight-year term in the office and even though the stakes on the new US administration are not …

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‘Brothers’ enjoyed govt support – Historic calamity

There is no disagreement, even among the most strictest Brotherhood members, that the World Muslim Brotherhood organization, led by its supreme leader Ma’amoun Al-Hudaibi launched a fierce campaign in 1990, using the term ‘Obedience’ involving all its followers against the presence of the United States of America and its allies …

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Change seen in victory – ‘Practice what you preach’

The more the Muslim Brotherhood group and the revolutionaries in the Levant attacked Donald Trump prior to and following his election to the White House, I am convinced that I was not wrong in throwing my support behind the Republican candidate. Although I sometimes found myself hesitant in supporting Trump …

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Expatriate Imams, Muezzin services will be terminated: Awqaf – Brotherhood members

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 2: The Ministry of Awqaf has identified a number of expatriate Imams and Muezzins who are members of Muslim Brotherhood and their services will be terminated by the end of this year, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting sources. Sources revealed the ministry has formed an ad hoc committee …

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Egypt will not be bitten twice by ‘Brotherhood’

WHOEVER imagines that Egypt can be reversed to willingly submit itself as a victim to those who desire to make the country an easy prey is wrong, especially after the difficulties and experiences its citizens passed through. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement, which has been hoping for possible return to governance …

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El-Sisi immune to Brotherhood cries

TODAY, the government of Egypt and its President Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi are subjected to a fierce campaign of criticism on account of a recent statement about Egypt seeking loan from the World Bank. The campaign is led by the “Brotherhood” and its kind that look at every major achievement through the …

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Jailed Egypt photographer says he’s been ‘forgotten’ – ‘Despair … powerless’

CAIRO, Aug 15, (AFP): Shouting to make himself heard from the soundproof glass dock during a break in his trial, Egyptian photographer Mahmoud Abdel Shakour said he feels he has been “forgotten” in prison. Three years ago, Abdel Shakour — known as Shawkan — had been covering the police dispersal …

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