Sleeping with the enemy

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THE ‘Brotherhood’ has infiltrated all state institutions, mainly the religious and even the educational institution. They established political organizations and financial institutions and many of the Brotherhood’s affiliates became wealthy overnight. Some of them also became ministers, undersecretaries, deputies and heads of institutions and this prompted many of the unscrupulous people to join them to reap the fruits of their affiliation with them after the government welcomed them with open arms ‘to run’ the institutions.

The invasion and occupation to Kuwait exposed the evil actions of the Muslim Brotherhood of Kuwait after their international organization stood with Saddam, opposed the use of Western forces to liberate Kuwait knowing that no other party was capable of doing that.

After the liberation, the Brotherhood openly admitted their crime and announced, through televised conferences that they would sever all ties with the international Brotherhood and some swallowed that bait.

The Brotherhood’s tactics succeeded, some forgot their crimes and shamelessly said they had never cut their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood abroad. They were able to sweep their sins under the carpet and regained their strength with the consent and acceptance of the rational government, perhaps because it needed someone to stand with it.

Of course, these people did not stand support the government and every time a confrontation happened they stabbed the government in the back dozens of times, including the owner of a private university, but some of us refuse to see the truth that all the Gulf states and Egypt have discovered before us, and soon Turkey will discover that these partisan religious organizations do not want good except for their entities. The aim is to reach the seat of power with a lot of cunning and shrewdness.

After all that was known about the Brotherhood’s plots and betrayals, it was strange and shocking to many when Al-Qabas published an editorial with a beautiful headline that contradicts its content.

Al-Qabas demanded an end to the demonization of charity work, which is a beautiful thing, but I do not remember that some party explicitly demanded the abolition of all charity work in Kuwait by demonizing it. There is also a big difference between criticizing the practices of some charities and demonizing them.

If we assume that what was stated in the editorial about demonization is correct — and it is not —  then it does not necessarily apply to what has been circulated recently of demands to dissolve a particular association or to close it, and therefore it was strange that Al-Qabas defended desperately the Islah (Social Reform) Society, while Al-Qabas knows more than others than many violations committed by the said Society even to its founding law in addition to its unfortunate role in local political work, and its shameful attitude towards the liberation of the state.

I am writing this and I am part of the charity work and I have not heard of any party or found a party, at least recently, that called for the demonization of charity work, therefore, linking the issue of demonization with the defense of Al-Islah Society was unsuccessful from our dear newspaper.

If we assume that the Al-Qabas editorial stems from its belief in the right of each party to express its opinion, this right is not absolute. Sixty million people lost their lives in the Second World War because one side believed that the ‘Nazi Party’ had the right to express its views freely while fully aware of the extreme danger of the ideas and plans of the Nazi Party on Germany and humanity.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 17082 times!

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