Egyptian-Saudi achievements stifle ‘Brotherhood’s’ squawk

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IS the Muslim Brotherhood Group, along with other political groups of its kind, still betting on breaking Egypt and weakening the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Or is it convinced about the impossibility of implementing its project after the slap of the international variables that forced Turkey to retreat from its inflammatory stance and sympathize with Riyadh and Cairo, thereby resulting in the loss of this group’s political cover and media shelter?

Foolish is he who does not realize the indicators before falling into the forbidden. Stupid is he who assumes that he can force millions to submit to his idea just because he launched a slogan that tickled the feelings of some people in his country for a while, but he ended up failing in the first test. An idiot is he who repeats the same experiment despite its previous failures.

It is fortunate for the Egyptians that all these aforementioned synonyms of foolishness are found in the members of the Muslim Brotherhood Group who openly broadcasted misinformation through their media that is based in Turkey. At the first turn, it threw such media into the trash because its interests are higher than a few slogans.

Turkey’s battles with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Egypt have been an attempt to strengthen its regional role, but it eventually realized that influence is not measured by terrorism, sabotage and media campaigns, but by the ability to consolidate stability, advance the economy and further development.

There are Brotherhood media outlets that did not catch the signals due to which they are still practicing their political wantonness either from Turkey or some other countries. However, they are not influential even for ordinary people who are emotionally taken because of what they saw in terms of the amazing development that Egypt achieved during the eight-year rule of President Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi, and the significant improvement in its financial and economic indicators, as described by reputable international institutions.

The same applies to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been subjected throughout those years to a massive misleading campaign from those mouthpieces. They focused their attack directly on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and broadcasted fabricated stories and news against him at a time when Saudi Arabia and the young prince were walking the path of achievement, development and openness, as witnessed by the whole world.

Misinformation cannot change reality. As the proverb goes, the bullet that does not kill you strengthens you.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, after liberating themselves from the bondage of the Muslim Brotherhood Group during the past decade, have realized many great achievements. They would not have reached this level if this group was active in the institutions and corridors of governance in the Gulf capitals or Cairo.

All this progress was achieved by Egypt and Saudi Arabia due to the belief of their people in the propriety of the choices of the ruling institutions in the two countries, which these mouthpieces were unable to break. There have been indications from the beginning that it would fall into the evil of its actions, which is what we are witnessing today.

I wish it would serve as an example to others who scream about regional devastation, because the people of the region have managed to figure out their evil ploys.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 29723 times!

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