‘Brothers’ quest for wealth

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Among the manifestations of the lack of freedom and democracy in religious organizations is their continuous struggle for leadership, and the resulting division and fragmentation.

The Brotherhood has already reached a state of collapse and is at its end, after it split into two groups, one led by the guide Ibrahim Mounir, and the other led by the guide Mustafa Tolba, whose full name is Mustafa Fathi Tolba Hassan, who is a doctor and works from Turkey, and is wanted in Egypt for terrorism-linked activities, and he manages the Brotherhood’s huge investments there but he works under the command of the powerful leader Mahmoud Hussein.

The split in the Brotherhood leadership is a historical precedent that did not occur for nearly 90 years, despite all the schisms and disagreements and the reason is not religious, but rather a struggle over huge interests and wealth of which the Gulf was the main source, and behind the conflict are serious crisscross accusations of financial and moral corruption.

Egyptian sources expected the Egyptian Brotherhood group, or what is known as the Mahmoud Hussein group, to separate under the umbrella of the Guidance Office from the international organization, which is currently headed by Ibrahim Munir, and the position of the branches in various countries remains subject to the personal loyalties of the parties to the conflict.

The second path in front of the group, according to the sources, is the ability of the group of historical leaders led by Hussein to resolve the internal conflict by declaring him acting the Guide and ridding Munir of any the authority.

In this case, the situation within the organization will also collapse due to the categorical rejection of the organizational bases for the presence of Hussein due to financial differences in addition to ideological differences with them at the head of the leadership.

On the other hand, the influential and wealthy Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced the dismissal of Romin, the executive director of its branch in Ohio, after accusations of treason and leaking information to US intelligence and possibly to Israel.

The Washington Post reported that the dismissal exposed CAIR relationship with Hamas, which Washington classifies as a terrorist. This scandal will lead the organization to be held accountable for its cooperation with “Hamas” and other terrorist organizations in America and abroad.

It is fortunate for us that the majority, if not all, of those who confronted the management of the political leadership in the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the branches of the Brotherhood’s party in the Arab countries, were mostly humble in abilities and qualifications, and those who were known to be eager to collect money and the pleasures of life, more than their eagerness to call for morals. The previous policies of the Brotherhood were already among the most important reasons for their poor conditions.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 20400 times!

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