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Saturday , November 17 2018

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Proposal to issue birth certificates by hospital, clinics with OB-GYN depts

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 5: MP Abdulwahaab Al-Babtain submitted a proposal to allow public and private hospitals and clinics with obstetrics and gynaecology (OB-GYN) departments to issue birth certificates in a bid to ease the process of issuing birth certificates for newborns. In his proposal, the MP explained that complaints regarding …

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Applying for death certificate from Embassy – Family member/relative/friend

I would like to thank Arab Times for giving guidance to expat community on legal matters. I am an Indian and my father died 7 yrs back in Kuwait, we have misplaced his death certificate issued by Indian Embassy and now for legal matters need for having original copy has …

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Obtaining Birth Certificate

I am asking this query on behalf of my cousin. She was born in Kuwait in 1978. However her birth certificate has been misplaced. Both her parents have passed away. She does not even know her civil ID number if it was issued at that time. How can she avail …

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Acquiring birth certificate of newborn

Is it possible for me to take birth certificate for my new-born if I am on Article #14 (temporary visa)? Name withheld Answer: Article 14 visa, as you rightly said, is temporary. It is issued to prevent the recipient from being classified as illegal while he/she awaits the completion of …

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Obtaining Birth certificate

I just want to know if it is possible to get a child’s birth certificate in Kuwait, if the parents are both Filipinos working in the country. I am waiting for your reply as I have no one else to ask. Name withheld Answer: Yes, you should have no problems …

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Birth certificate of baby

I am from the Philippines. My exhusband is working in Kuwait. He has a girlfriend, who gave birth to a baby girl this month. They are both Filipinos. I just want to ask if the baby can get a birth certificate from Kuwait or they do they have to come …

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Duplicate birth certificate

I have a very simple request but I need the answer quickly and would be very grateful if you could oblige me with the same. Could you please let me know how to get a duplicate birth certificate from Kuwait as I would like to complete a number of procedures …

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How to avail Birth Certificates for those born in Kuwait

Both of my children were born in Kuwait and I also got their birth certificates from here. Now I seem to have misplaced these documents and need them for my children’s admission to a local school. What is the procedure to get a duplicate birth certificate for a child born …

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