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Applying for death certificate from Embassy – Family member/relative/friend

I would like to thank Arab Times for giving guidance to expat community on legal matters.

I am an Indian and my father died 7 yrs back in Kuwait, we have misplaced his death certificate issued by Indian Embassy and now for legal matters need for having original copy has cropped up. However I have photo copy of the death certificate issued. Kindly advise how to obtain a original copy from Indian Embassy. Kindly we are not in Kuwait.

Name withheld

Answer: As you know all embassies in Kuwait keep record of births and deaths of all their respected nationals.

To obtain a copy you will need to check with your friends/relatives who will represent you and be willing to go to embassy and do your work.

following documents are required for those who are out of Kuwait

  • No objection / Authorization letter ( You need to mention details of deceased person such as name, date of death, person whom you have authorized to collect the document, his civil id no, his passport no and address. Kindly note If Father is expired only Mother has right to give authorization letter. If both parents have expired then only you are authorized and for what purpose you need it)
  • Photocopy of death certificate which you have
  • Photocopy of death certificate issued by Kuwait (it will be in arabic)
  • Photocopy of death certificate issued by Kuwait translated to English from Arabic
  • Passport copy of Authorized person who will be representing you(first page, residence page and last page)
  • Civil ID copy
  • Your passport copy
  • Photocopy of your fathers passport (last stamped before taking the body to India)

The authorized person will have to go in morning to counter no 1 at Indian embassy and apply (7 KD are charges) by 4 pm in evening he will be called to collect the document.

To make it a legal document the authorized person will have to go to Ministry of Foreign affairs and attest it by paying KD 5


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