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Deceptive revolutions … O Syrians, return to your land

IT is time to talk about Syria in a straightforward manner. The misery has been continuing for seven years now. It is time for an end to this misery and to the series of making Syrians pay the price of the adventures and schemes of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, the …

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Administrative revolution of Mohammad VI

THE speech delivered by King Mohammad VI during the 18th anniversary of his ascendancy to the throne could be regarded as a first class administrative revolution statement by all standards. It massively shook political parties that took upon themselves the representation of people in the Parliament, so the Morocco of …

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Revolution long overdue

The education in Kuwait needs complete overhaul through a qualitative revolution in the curricula. It is clear that all of our misfortunes, our backwardness, the deviation of our youth from the goal can all be attributed to strange religious interpretations. Our youth are dying in unwanted combat on battlefields which …

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Suicidal revolutions of Arabs

“REVOLUTION to the last cent”, “Soul and destruction of the last house” – these words could sum up today’s situation in the Arab world following the complete destruction of countries that fell in the trap of the so-called “Arab Spring” when political forces were taken over by zeal that led …

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A silent revolution of love

We are always talking about people in power; the outer enemy, the Illuminati, the puppeteers who run the world, extremists, the arms industry, the pharmaceutical industry, Monsanto and on and on ad nauseam. We forget that these people were born into the world too. We forget we are all human …

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