Decision-makers … we need a revolution to renew the laws

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STAGNATION continues its course as confusion increases and paralysis advances above everything else. This is due to the fact that the government is shackled by laws issued by its predecessors and cannot deviate from them. At the same time, it seeks to further shackle itself in the absence of a clear existence purpose, or so the majority of observers believe, to get rid of the cocoon in which it found itself. In all issues raised by the people, there is always a legal obstacle, caused by the deep state that is able to pass all its benefits through the law. The Council of Ministers has no tool through which it can overcome that.

Likewise, the National Assembly is not in a better condition than its predecessor, as it almost surpasses everyone through its threats with the thick baton of interpellations that the government is soon subjected to, which means running around in a vicious circle. Therefore, the advancement of the country is not considered serious, but it is just a slogan that tickles the feelings of the citizens. This happens while the people are waiting for a firm decision, starting with resolving the problems they suffer from either regarding loans that concern the majority of people, or the physical coercion that results from them, because of an old law that was inherited from the custom that existed when there was no modern state.

The law must be developed in order to suit the changing times, especially when it comes to civil cases and dud cheques that other countries ended a long time ago, whereas Kuwait, or rather the deep state, is still insisting on it to keep benefiting from people’s misfortunes. Those old and outdated laws not only shackle the government, but also society as a whole, and limit individual initiatives, such as the law to prevent coeducation, which annually costs the state more than KD 150 million. This means there is a waste of half a billion dollars solely to satisfy a strict desire to which governments have submitted to in order to prevent the grilling of some minister.

In reality, such an environment did not improve the level of education, but only increased its disadvantages, which is one of the chronic problems in the state. Also, when the e-government was announced, people were optimistic, thought that Kuwait had started a step forward, and were waiting for the rest of the steps. However, people collided with the documentary cycle “stagnation” based on an outdated law dating back to the 1960s. This happened while no government moved a finger in facilitating this session, but rather abandoned it because the e-government saves one from moving in and out of about 20 institutions and ministries to complete a transaction.

It is unfortunate that this is the situation in Kuwait when the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and even many around the world, have made great strides in e-governance, to the extent that a citizen there finishes his or her transactions from the comfort of his home or from anywhere in the world. This indicates the extent of backwardness of the Kuwaiti administration which is restricted by many chains of underdevelopment.

There is no doubt that getting rid of these restrictions is easy, if there is a will to do so. For example, they are today talking about housing cities, when they should instead learn from the delay in issuance of building orders for about 30,000 homes in various new areas. Therefore, the tedious conditions will prevent the implementation of these projects, something that the neighboring countries solved years ago.

Also, there are laws that restrict people’s freedom. As soon as someone publishes an article, a tweet, or even an opinion, restrictions are placed on him because the law that was put in place for the interests of some parliamentary blocs in the past is still stifling people. Indeed, there must be a revolution against all outdated laws, as there is no solution for the government except to work with an open mind, be a pioneer in that matter, and undermine the legal legacy inherited from the deep state, as it has brought all institutions to the point of impotence and even paralysis.

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This news has been read 6851 times!

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