Juma … Robespierre of Kuwaiti revolution

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A video clip of a malevolent citizen, financially and morally bankrupt, went viral where he describes himself as a journalist in which he declared to the Kuwaitis that their opponent and enemy are the merchants class, as they are the ones who have influence and ‘grab’ the tenders and agencies, adding that if the people of Kuwait want their freedom, and they have the will, then they must rush to the houses of merchants, and hold a popular trial for each of them in front of his home.

The words of Juma Robespierre of the Kuwaiti revolution are clear but he needs some arrangement for his plan to succeed.

 We must first agree on how to form the popular committees, and who chooses them, determine those who are actually merchants, not according to the terms of Juma, know their home addresses, address the problem of those who have more than one wife and house, and form judicial teams to try merchants, who monopolize tenders and the bloodsuckers who are the owners of agencies, and determine the method for choosing them to be tasked with issuing martial judgments against merchants, and sending them to the guillotine of the revolution that will take place at the ‘Friday Market’ square.

The merchant class will disappear and the people will feel happy for a few hours, then everyone will discover that they have been deceived by Robespierre, as food and sanitary items have disappeared from the markets and cooperative societies’ shelves after the merchants, the owners of the vampire of agencies and bidders are executed. The government will find itself faced with two options:

 Either the confiscation of all the property of the convicted merchants including their warehouses or what is left of them in their agencies. The popular committees undertake the task of importing, storing, pricing, distributing and selling, and this will turn us into a communist state par excellence.

 As the government is not qualified to undertake the task of searching for food and other items in dozens of countries of the world and negotiating with thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, contracting with them to import products, clear them, ship them, store them, price them, transfer them to sales outlets and collect their price and other complex tasks, those who believed Robespierre will discover their mistake, and the government will be forced to hand over the matter of providing the citizens’ needs to individuals or companies to carry out the task, and the merchant class will return to the front again under different names, and we will be back to square one.

It was not supposed to heed Robespierre’s absurd suggestion at all, were it not for the amount of comments in support of his talk on Twitter, some of them by people of minds. This first reminded me of the notorious Saddam Hussein who used to execute merchants after holding responsible for the decline in exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar.

 It also reminded me of the story of a British Lord who had hired a butler, but the latter made a condition that his weekly day off be on Wednesday, as it is the day when he meets with his comrades from the members of the Communist Party.

 After a while, the Lord noticed that the butler stopped going to the Wednesday meeting, so he asked him about the reason and he said that the party secretariat had, at the last meeting, put forward the idea of a coup d’état and assuming power, confiscating all the wealth of merchants and the rich, and redistributing it equally among the people.

 The general secretary’s figures revealed that the share of each Briton would be 20 thousand pounds and since the balance of his account in the bank is 26 thousand pounds, this means that he will be less rich, or poorer under the new communist regime. That is why he stopped going to the Wednesday meetings.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 13278 times!

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